Annaatthe Movie, Released date, cast and Review👎

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One Line Review: Annaatthe Movie is One of the worst ever movies in Rajini’s career.

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Youtube Trailer Annaatthe Movie

Cast: Rajinikanth, Keerthi Suresh, etc.

Directed By: Siva

Release Date: 4th November 2021


Introduction of Annaatthe Movie

A lot of noise, cheesy dialogues, cliched emotions and a meaningless story, that is Annaatthe for you.

“Rajinikanth’s action drama belongs in a museum”

The News Minute

Our review for Annaatthe is 03/10.


Kaalayan who’s known as Annaatthe by people is a village head. He loves his sister Meenatchi more than anything in the world. Kalyan decides to find a groom for his sister and fixes her marriage. Meenatchi, on the other hand, elopes with the love of her life during her marriage day. The rest of the movie is full of fights, goons and tears.


If you think the above summary was bad, trust me, the movie is worse. The above was what I got from the whole plot. Where did the goons come from, why are everybody crying, why is Rajini shouting… I’ll never know. With an ensemble star cast and a huge budget, Siva failed miserably to make a movie. I even doubted that Siva accidentally chose the wrong script and directed a serial casting the Superstar Rajinikanth.

Songs – Horrible. 

Acting – Horrible. 

Story – There isn’t any. 

Music – Okayish.

Logic – Duh!

Keerthi Suresh – I don’t wanna get into that.


If you want to gain mental stress and lose inner peace, you shouldn’t miss this movie!