The Yougle fandom category will list down the Movies/Tv Series based on Teenagers intrest


The Sleepover Movie Review 👍

The Sleepover Movie Review: 👍 “The Sleepover” is 10/10 for kids and parents who find it awkward to communicate or spend time with their children,...
Akanksha Chodhary
1 min read

The 100 Web Series Review

All in all "The 100" is an exciting one time watch. With a plotline spanning across Space, Moons, and Planets. A mix of Sci-fi...
2 min read

Top 10 Comedy TV shows Available to Stream Online…

With the rise of OTT platforms, teenagers now have access to a lot of TV shows on their fingertips. Watching these shows is a...
Ashwini Maurya
3 min read

Top 10 Teen Drama Shows

Teen Drama Shows : If you are a teenager watching teenage dramas, you’ll connect with the characters often and fast than anyone and you’ll...
Akanksha Chodhary
3 min read

Top 10 Sci-fi Shows Every Teenager Should Watch

Today I’ll sharing with you guy the list of best sci-fi shows which you should watch because you never know where you can get...
Akanksha Chodhary
3 min read