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An ardent fan constantly evolving his taste in Movies.

Akanksha Chodhary
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Thank ya' for stoppin' by. I'm Akanksha. I'm a copywriter and I love movies. I take a break from my work to watch my favorites. I'm really into science fiction and adventure movies. And when I'm not working or watching movies, I play with my dog (Fury).

Amrita George
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Hi! Iā€™m Amrita ā€“ a lover of warm beverages on a rainy day, newly discovered music, and art. In my free time, I love to read and I continue to be fascinated with languages. Currently learning French at an intermediate level. Hope you enjoy watching these shows as much as I enjoyed writing about them!

Aaditya Sharma
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I am a big movie addict, love watching Hollywood movies, I also like to play games in my spare time. Exploring new technologies is what I love doing in my spare time.

Ashwini Maurya
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Ashwini is a copywriter by profession and has written contents in several niches. Recently he developed an interest in entertainment and likes sharing his views on the movies and TV series watched by him. He is also a motivator and is glad to share is reviews.

Nikhil Kalwani
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Hey guys, I'm Nik, a travel blogger obsessed with the desire of exploring this huge world along with my camera. I really love watching thriller movies or movies having plot twists.

Rinkle Mehta
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Rinkle is a dreamer, reader, writer, mother, and blogger. She is an entertainment lover and in recent years she had watched different kinds of national as well as international web series. Being a writer, she had started writing reviews on web series which she recently watched and gave her opinion about the series. Being a mother, she also watched how important it is for a child to get entertainment, and that is why she had created some creative content and the best entertainment channel for kids.

Sumit Kumar Kesheri
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This is Sumit Kesheri founder of with the tag of your place for movies and web series reviews. I am a movie freak and love spending most of my time watching movies from the OTT platform. I gladly welcome all movie freaks to share your gratitude on the blog of mine. I see you there šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š