Live Telecast Review (6.5)👍

Live Telecast Review: 👍 Watch it for Kajal Aggarwal because the ghost has nothing new to offer
Akshay Gopinath
2 min read

Andhaghaaram Movie Review 👍

Andhaghaaram: A very well recommended spooky thriller if you are willing to ignore the run time.
Akshay Gopinath
1 min read

Best Thriller Movies

A fan of thriller movies but could not sort out which movie to watch next? Worry not, here is a list of ten thriller...
Laiba Khalid
4 min read

Laxmii Movie Review

Laxmii Movie Review: Steer clear of this Akshay Kumar starrer. It is better to watch the original version of the movie with subtitles if you...
Akshay Gopinath
2 min read

Halloween Month Special: Tumbbad Movie Review

Tumbbad is an outstanding effort in the genre of Horror with multiple layers to explore, sprout out of a brilliant mind wrapped up in...
Akshay Gopinath
3 min read