Bewakoofiyaan Review (5)๐Ÿ‘Ž

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One Line Review: Bewakoofiyaan is a could be a funnier modern tale of love!

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Starring: Sonam Kapoor as Mayera, Ayushman Khurana as Mohit Chaddha, Rishi Kapoor as Sehgal

Directed By: Nupur Asthana

Release Date: 14th March 2014



A young coupleโ€™s love life takes a different turn when an economic crisis leads to a jobless life for the boy. Besides that he also has to impress his lady-loveโ€™s father in order to get married to her. Does his jobless life will lead to a loveless life too?

โ€œBewakoofiyaanโ€™ has its khoobiyaan but mostly it has majbooriyaan where the story is concernedโ€

~ The Times Of India

My rating for Bewakoofiyaan is 5/10


Mohit Chaddha is a successful senior marketing executive in an airline company, whereas Mayera Sehgal is a young, fashionist and smart banker. Their love story is sweet only to get opposed by Mayeraโ€™s retired and strict IAS father, V.K.Sehgal.  To his daughter, he is the โ€œbest papaโ€ but towards his โ€œto beโ€ son-in-law he is a โ€œruthless Osamaโ€! He doesnโ€™t approve of his daughterโ€™s choice. But she tries convincing her father to marriage with Mohit. She plans small trips; even asks Mohit to deliberately lose in every Sunday squash match with her father. But Sehgal being a government retired officer, his not-so-friendly nature towards Mohit, finds reasons why he is not the perfect guy for his daughter.

One of the reasons which make him hate Mohit is, his daughter earns more than her lover! The situation worsens when Mohit loses his job when his company goes bankrupt. He tries too hard in front of the retired Sehgal to pretend that he no longer owns a job. He applies everywhere but luck doesnโ€™t support him. And Sehgal adds a cherry on top; he puts Mohit on a probation period, asks him to give his PAN, Aadhar copies just so he can trap him with the police under some crime. Tired of giving interviews, Mohit asks his lady-love what if he becomes a waiter would she still love him the same? When he realizes that Mohit is the one for his darling daughter, he plays the cupid when they drift off


There is not so much to expect from this movie, but the scenes of Khuranna and Rishi Kapoor are funny. The music of the movie isnโ€™t that capturing except for Gulcharrey and Khamakha. Dialogue delivery by Sonam Kapoor looks emotionless. Easily walks in heels but struggles to speak Hindi! Her clothes and hair are surely on point but her acting isnโ€™t! Whereas Rishi Kapoor and Khuranna play their parts, Sonam fails to impress us. She looks like a vision throughout the movie, but that isnโ€™t enough!

Despite a brilliant cast, the movie fails to leave a mark and lacks humor and wit.


Bewakoofiyaan is a light-hearted rom-com. Watch this one if youโ€™re not looking for too much. But it wouldnโ€™t be a heck of โ€œBewakoofiโ€ if you donโ€™t watch it either!