Halloween Month Special: Tumbbad Movie Review

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One Line Review: Tumbbad is an outstanding effort in the genre of Horror with multiple layers to explore, sprout out of a brilliant mind wrapped up in an Indian folktale with an edge of brilliant visuals. Must Watch!

(2018) on IMDb

Starring:  Sohum Shah, Jyoti Malshe, Dhundiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar etc

Director: Rahi Anil Barve

Release Date: 12 October 2018



To deliver a perfectly crafted movie in the genre of horror is something rare when it comes to Indian Films. Of course, India has produced some quality stuff with enough chills but not all the tries in this genre were a success.

Tumbbad is a standout in this genre for obvious reasons. With a plot that is not cliche and with some brilliant visuals as well, Tumbbad should be treated as a benchmark in the genre of Horror.

“A psychological horror film with strong visuals and metaphors.”

~ Times Of India

For not being another horror movie where you could guess everything and for its breathtaking moments, Tumbbad could be easily given a rating of 9/10.


The worst part of watching a horror movie is that if you could guess what is coming and you succeed in it. In this case, let me make one thing clear, Tumbbad will for sure surprise you with whatever is packed within.

It was a brilliant effort by Director Rahi Anil Barve to make a movie that revolves around an Indian folk tale, develop the plot with a rich storyline and make it appear visually amazing. But if you see deep into the story, Tumbbad is rich with metaphors. One thing the movie discusses mainly is about greed in humans.

Performance-wise it is really hard to say who excelled more. Everyone in the star cast of the movie had done their best. And one thing that made the movie attain its eeriness is the location and cinematography.

The mood set-up by Anil for Tumbbad was so strong visually and it indeed bought chills. Another special mention should go for the way Visual Effects were added throughout the movie. From the showcasing of the gruesome looks of the monstrous lady to the visuals of Hastar inside the goddess’s womb, everything was Top Notch!

Plot/Story Line

The movie starts with a narration of an old myth revolving around the Village of Tumbbad. Vinayak Rao narrates to his son Pandurang about the story of the goddess of prosperity. The earth is believed to be the womb of the goddess and she is treated as a symbol of wealth and food.

Among the 160 Million gods to whom the goddess gave birth to, Hatar was her first-born and her favorite one. Hastar tries to steal away all the gold and grains from the goddess. Before Hastar could steal the grains after stealing all the gold, other gods attacked him. The goddess saves Hastar upon one condition that he will never be worshipped by anyone. And till then Hastar is believed to remain in the womb of the goddess.

Years later, in the village of Tumbbad, Maharashtra, Vinayak’s mother is seen serving the landlord of the village. She also has an eye on the statue of Hastar possessed by the landlord along with the gold coin with him. Back home, Vinayak along with his younger brother Sadashiv is seen scared about taking care of a monstrous lady who is the landlord’s great grandmother. She is chained up in a room and is fed at regular intervals by their mother. Eventually, the aged landlord dies and following that, in an accident, Sadashiv gets badly injured.

Vinayak is left along with the monstrous woman while his mother takes Sadashiv to the doctor. Vinayak gets stuck with the old woman who tries to eat him but he remembers what his mother said about saying “Hasthar” if at all the woman wakes up which will make her drift back to sleep and escape. Sadashiv dies and Vinayak is taken to Pune by his mother and she makes him promise that he will never come back to Tumbbad again despite his wish to explore the treasure which is believed to be hidden in the mansion there.

Years later, a poor Vinayak decides to make use of the treasure by confronting the horrors of Tumbbad. He trains himself to lure the Hatar without getting by it while being in the womb of the goddess. He manages to lure the demon by showing it food as it is craving for food for years and manages to steal some gold from it. The rest of the movie is about what happens with Vinayak and his son Pandurang on their tries of reaping more benefits using the treasure of Tumbbad by avoiding the dangers that lie their way while going for it.

Final Word

Tumbbad is one of those movies you must never miss. Tumbbad, along with giving you the eeriness and chills also makes you think and plays with your mind. Must watch in my book!

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