Jawan: Review👎

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One Line Review: Jawan is a half-baked mix of Atlee’s own various movies.

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Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, etc.

Release Date: September 07, 2023

Director: Atlee


A masked man blackmails government entities trying to fix corruption and wrongness in various sectors of society.

“Despite some gripes, Jawan works because of Atlee’s total commitment to creating Shah Rukh Khan hysteria”

~  Rediff.com

Our rating for Jawan is 4/10.


A wounded man is brought to a tribal village somewhere in north India. He is taken care of by the villagers. When a sudden attack showers on the village, the wounded man comes to their rescue and is from then on treated as a Messiah.

A man, along with some women, hijacks the Mumbai metro, demanding a huge amount of money from a businessman. On getting the amount, he reveals various illegal acts by the government against farmers, causing them to die out of debt. The man reveals himself as Vikram Rathore and distributes all the money that was paid to him by the businessman to the farmers in need across the nation, becoming a man loved by the mob. This man was later revealed as a Jailer named Azad. While Azad continues targeting various wrongs in society along with a corrupt weapons dealer named Kaali, Narmada is on trial to find out who Vikram Rathore is and his whereabouts.


Shah Rukh Khan is the heart and soul of Jawan. He looks absolutely stylish and dashing onscreen as both Azad and Vikram Rathore. The movie is technically very well made, with high-quality frames and stylish action sequences. But are these enough to make Jawan a movie worth watching?

Even though it is evident that King Khan has put his heart and soul into this movie, Atlee’s story and screenplay remain abrupt and half-baked. Audiences who are aware of Atlee’s previous filmography can only watch Jawan with a permanent frown on their faces. This is because Atlee has simply mixed up scenes from his previous movies and some other well-known commercial Tamil flicks of other directors to make Jawan. As far as the story is concerned, the movie travels steadily for the first half and goes off track later. The second half of the movie travels aimlessly into oblivion, making people wonder where it is going to end.

Vikram Rathore by Shahrukh Khan looks rugged and dapper. But it looks like an adaptation of Atlee’s own Micheal Rayappan portrayed by Vijay in ‘Bigil’. Vijay’s gang of girls from Bigil is replicated in Jawan to form Azad’s gang. Jawan’s interval sequence is simply a scene from Atlee’s ‘Theri’. A couple of other sequences from popular Tamil commercial flicks just make Jawan more of a Spoof than a proper action thriller.


Jawan looks technically rich and Shah Rukh Khan is the only saving grace who makes you sit through a three-hour-long Tamil movie spoof fest.