John Wick: Chapter 4 – A Poetry Written in Blood!πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

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Deadly pick of john wick on a killing spree
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John Wick: Chapter 4

Keanu Reeves and John Wick – These names will forever be etched in the minds of action movie lovers. The very first John Wick movie was released in the year 2014. It was about a man named John Wick, who was a Hitman and is considered a legend among hitmen and gangsters. People loved the portrayal of John Wick by Keanu Reeves so much that it gained a cult following.

Story of John Wick aka Baba Yaga

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Baba Yaga aka The Boogeyman

“John Wick is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will” – This one dialogue is enough to define John Wick’s personality in a nutshell. John is known as the “Baba Yaga” aka “The Boogey Man”. Everyone knows that John is not a man to be messed with.

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Once John is committed to a mission, there is no backing off. In short, The man who was once the nightmare of all, a Hitman, has now taken retirement from his dark past. What made the unstoppable beast pause and look at the brighter side of life was “Helen”. John’s meeting with Helen introduced him to the world of Love. John learned to control himself and started hoping to have a new love-filled life. He craved change. As John found a way out of all that darkness he was surrounded with, he immediately took it. Finally, John was out of that dark world. He was no more a Hitman. He was a loving husband.

But fate didn’t let John have peace for a long time. John loses his wife to a disease and is again left all alone in this world. As he stumbles with a broken heart, without knowing what next, a courier reaches him. It was a puppy and a letter from Helen. Helen planned to gift this Puppy to John, something for her husband to shower love and love for. John accepts the pup as a memory of Helen and starts to live with it.

Things get bad for John as he meets Losef Tarasov, son of an underworld don Viggo. Losef and his gang attack Wick’s house, kill his pup, and steal his car. This is where it all starts. Losef had no idea what was coming for him as he left John Wick alive at his place while leaving with his car after killing his dog…

The John Wick Franchise

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John Wick was directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad. It was hailed as one of the best action films of all time by various magazines and led the way to sequels. The movie continued with John getting his stolen car back and being contacted by an old associate, not letting him completely let go of the world he was a part of as the Baba Yaga.

After taking up an assignment that John couldn’t deny, he ends up in a serious entanglement of problems. The more Wick tries to come out of the people and life he left behind, the more he keeps getting involved. Three sequels were made on John Wick and each one of them was loved by the audience.

The world of John Wick

The way Chad and others created a world for John Wick made the people extremely interested and glued to it. One can’t just start by watching the second or third part of John Wick randomly to understand what’s happening. You must watch the first part, get used to the rules and behavior of the world the movie is set and then only could go along the course of other parts.

The High Table is what controls everything. It is a group of 12 members. No one or nothing can go out of the high tablets control. If you violate the high table’s rule, well, you are dead!

The Continental is a chain of hotels that comes under the high table. It is the dwelling place of all people who are up to no good. You can find all kinds of people from hitmen to smugglers, to drug lords in the Continental. If you are in the Continental, you must have to adhere to the rules of the Continental. And the most important one of those rules is that no one can hurt or kill anyone while in the Continent premises. If someone does so, he/she will be announced as ‘Excommunicate’ and must face death.

If you want someone to be gone, in the world of John Wick, you can open an account in his/her name and quote a price. You can assign that account to a specific group of people or can make it public. Anyone who kills the person will get the price.

Markers are another inevitable part of the John Wick world. If someone approaches you for help, and you agree to do it, you can hold a marker with that person’s blood in it. In the future, if ever you required help from that person, you can use the marker. If he/she dishonors the marker by not accepting help, that person will be executed.

John Wick: Chapter 4

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The latest addition to the John Wick franchise, the fourth chapter, is a hot topic among moviegoers. To date, no movie in the John Wick franchise has disappointed the fans. Hence, high expectations were there regarding the fourth part of the movie. What makes John Wick movie a standout from other action movies is plenty of wide-uncut action sequences along with some close-up shots.

The trailer of John Wick: Chapter 4 was just a sneak peek of what was coming. The trailer cut had an abundant amount of action sequences that made fans restless to watch what the makers had under their sleeves this time. When Chapter 3 ended, John was trying to escape the high-table as he was hunted and even the continental had to face the consequences for helping John Free. it ended by giving a glimpse of John getting ready to face the high table and earn his freedom one or the other way.

Chapter 4 started with the introduction of Marquees Vincent De Gramont, a member of the high table unleashing his attack on the New York continental for helping John Wick. He continues to hunt for John. John seeks the help of his friends on the go as the battle gets tougher and bloodier.

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We are not going too much into the plot as it might be spoiling the movie for you. But it must be admitted now that this chapter is not just the best in the John Wick franchise but the best action movie ever to be made!

Chapter 4 excelled literally in everything! This time, an ensemble cast was presented along with Keanu Reeves such as Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, Skot Adkins, etc. It was a feast to watch all of them onscreen together. You can see all kinds of guns used in this chapter and Keanu had his moment with a nunchak! While the plot gets gripping on the go, so did the number of action sequences.

What made John Wick’s Chapter 4 so special is how the makers tried to showcase something different with each stunt sequence. If you choose hand-to-hand combat, the makers will have a thousand different ways to show it onscreen. This exactly is what makes the John Wick franchise a standout. With more realistic and single-shot sequences, chapter 4 will blow your mind.

In the second half of the movie, there is a single-shot aerial sequence that will blow your mind. Such a perfect sequence would never happen without every department of the crew and the cast coordinating with each other well. Dan Lausten deserves an award for those numerous stunning frames and single-shot sequences.

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What Next?

This movie opens up to a new world of John Wick. With multiple characters being introduced, who have very unique traits of their own, chances of spinoffs from the John Wick franchise can’t be denied. A Spin-off based on The Continental is already in the making. All we can do is wait restlessly to see what the makers have for the future as the movie did end in an unbelievable way this time!