Operation MBBS Review (8.5) πŸ‘

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One Line Review of Operation MBBS: Operation MBBS provides a sneak-peak to the world of medical college backed up by a breezy story involving three medical students.

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YouTube Trailer Operation MBBS

Starring: Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan, Sara Hashmi

Directed By: Amrit Raj Gupta

Release Date: 22th February 2020

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The introduction of web series could be taken as a kind of revolution in the sector of visual media. While comparing with the world of movies, the world of web series is vast and the makers are provided with more independence. Hence, things could be showcased in a more real way. Operation MBBS is a light-hearted web series that exposed few moments from the life of MBBS students in a way that everyone could relate to.

β€œOperation MBBS first impression: A different take on medical college life.”

~ The Indian Express

My rating for this neatly made web series is 8.5/10


The story revolves around three first-year MBBS students in a medical college – Nishant, Sakshi, and Huma. Nishant is a carefree boy who joined MBBS because of his father’s wish who himself is a renowned doctor and also mostly to get away from his domestic area so that he could be independent of his house. Sakshi is a girl who comes from a joint family and Huma is a girl who belongs to a middle-class family and is habituated with being the topper in the class.

These three people who are from diverse backgrounds get together to be friends and the story digs deep into the world of medicine by giving few glimpses of the whats and hows of a medical college along with brushing through the inner emotions of the characters.


Ayush as always is brilliant being the playful and taunting Nishant who at times is also disturbed by his father’s involvement in his future. Anshul Chauhan is a fresh looking enthusiastic face in this series as Sakshi and she has delivered her best. Sarah Hashmi is comparatively the best among the three as she had to deliver more being a performer in this series as Huma. Altogether, you will miss watching more of this trio when you complete the series but worry not as the second season will be releasing soon!


The Dice Media could be considered a standout in the world of web series. Despite choosing Youtube as the platform to showcase their contents, they are in no way interested in compromising with the quality of the contents delivered.

Operation Mbbs is a show that shows various moments that happen in the life of medical students without forcing unwanted drama to it. The discussions by students, the way each takes their studies, the atmosphere of the campus including the ragging, moments filled with humor amidst the lectures… well, a medical student can easily relate to this show.

The credit for the same goes to the makers of the series who clearly have dug deep into the world of medical colleges and medical students to make it look more convincing.


A neat web series with good performances and a plot to keep you entertained with leaving no gaps for a frown.