The 100 Web Series Review

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One line Take: A Teen/Young Adult Drama, with an appeal for all ages.

 The 100
(2014) on IMDb

Starring:  Eliza TaylorBob MorleyMarie Avgeropoulos

Creator: Jason Rothenberg

Release Date: 2014 – Now


What’s it About?

“The 100” is set 100 years post a Nuclear Apocalyptic event on Earth. A handful of Humans survive in Space as Earth becomes inhabitable. They must now return to mother Earth as their Space Station called “The Arc” is failing.

A quick warning; “The 100” is classified in Drama, Sci-fi, and Mystery, however, there’s tonnes of action, violence, and some cool but gory graphics. Viewer discretion is advised.

This series is set across Space Stations, Earth, Space Ships, Moons and Planets. Has an element of surprise at every turn.

The teen-errific The 100, a sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian post-nuclear age, is no exception. What is surprising is that the series, an adaptation of the Kass Morgan novel, is well conceived, cleverly plotted, and quite exciting.

~ Tirdad Derakhshani


If you think you can’t get enough dark-sexy teens (don’t mean color dark) on the screen, look no further, “The 100 ” is perfect for you!

“The 100” shows how the end of mankind is not dependent on viruses and natural calamities or even aliens but humans themselves. Calamities posses a challenge and they can bring out the best, but more often the worst, in people. As long as normal is normal, everything works, as soon as we face danger, tyranny thrives!

The story opens after Earth has been irradiated for 100 years and a handful of humans survive(barely) on a space station named The Ark. The Ark’s leaders have a crisis on their hands: time’s running out and the only way to extend the survival is to cull the population.

So they make a tough moral call – send 100 teenage delinquents to Earth (so believed unsurvivable). As Spock would say – “It’s only logical”. Either the Kids survive and help welcome the rest of humanity back home or The Ark lives a little longer with fewer resources to consume.

From here on it’s a battle of survival, no matter the season or episode, there is one moral dilemma after another. All for saving “your people” or humanity. Something that stands out over and over again.

What Stands Out?

A Sci-fi series with the raw effect of medieval ways. The culture crash between “Grounders” and “Sky Crew” is every bit exciting and a new flavor as it can be. Ultimately its a fight between the toughest of survivors wherever they come from. And in the end, comes back to the same point – “Humans are the biggest enemy of Humanity”.

Other than a tight story, shady teens, cool graphics and a novel mix of Sci-fi and Horse riding fighters, there’s moral conflict and intricate relationships to look for. If nothing else, it’s not a teenager sc-fi series alone, but a Survors Drama that keeps you on the hook till the end.


The graphics are cool and the plot has something new to offer time and again. The story is stitched pretty tight. Character behave idiotically from time to time, but that’s no different from real life.

Final Words

All in all “The 100” is an exciting one time watch. With a plotline spanning across Space, Moons, and Planets. A mix of Sci-fi and Medieval cultures. It’s an exciting world. If you can look past the first few episodes (which are not half bad), you have one series to binge on.