The A List Season 2 Tv-Series Review๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

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One Line Review: Expected to make up for the season 1 mistakes but didnโ€™t live up to them.

 The A List
(2018) on IMDb

Youtube Trailer The A List Season 1

Starring: Jacob Dudman, Lisa Ambalav

Director: Max Lohan

Release Date: 23 October 2020



Mia ( Lisa Ambalavanar ) has still not completely let go of the experiences in summer camp on distant Peregrine Island . Because even if her therapist tries to convince her that the adolescent has only imagined all this, Mia is sure that her memories are true. At the same time, Alex ( Rosie Dwyer ), Jenna ( Eleanor Bennett ), Kayleigh ( Savannah Baker ), Zac ( Jack Kane ) and Luka ( Max Lohan ) are still on the island where they are in quarantine. For Mia, who finally has to solve the island’s secrets, that’s reason enough to return to the place. But also her adversary Amber ( Ellie Duckles) is still buzzing around, she needs something from the institute with which she has a long history โ€ฆ

Plot Analysis

The second season of “The A List” follows on seamlessly from the first, but is much more streamlined than this. Where things often did not go ahead at the start, events come thick and fast here. But that didn’t make the series any more meaningful. In addition, the figures are again very annoying.

The long wait ends

Fans of the series The A List needed a lot of patience before it came to a sequel. It took around two years in this country for Netflix to reveal how things are going on with the young people on the mysterious island. In Great Britain, where season one was on the BBC, it was even longer. The series started there in October 2018. This waiting time was also mean because the story ended with a violent cliffhanger and the audience was so tense. Now season two is here and pretends nothing has happened. The years in real life turned into just a few weeks, and the action begins quite soon after the events of the opening event.

In search of meaning

With season 2 it’s a little more extreme. If the consequences of the predecessor were noticed by the fact that the story was extremely stretched, the plot simply did not advance, then the second time the events roll over a little. The peculiarities that were first hinted at are now being blown around the face. That takes care of The A List for more variety, especially since there are now several storylines. But again, the fine work was not there. Much of it doesn’t really make sense here. It also happens from time to time that one introduces an element, but later forgets it again. The same applies to the figures, which, with the exception of a few, are only a means to an end. There are simply too many romping about on the island that you only need briefly and then throw away again.


Sometimes this is confusing, then again frustrating – or simply annoying. In addition, the characters are again quite exhausting. Obviously, Berlinka and Metivier, who wrote all the scripts, are of the opinion that the more people make life difficult for themselves and others, the more interesting they are. If all of this doesn’t bother you and with such a title doesn’t claim to be entertained intelligently in any way, you can give it a try.ย 

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