The Boys Web Series Review

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One line Review: The Boys is a standout in the niche of Superheroes.

 The Boys
(2019) on IMDb

Starring: Karl Urban, Antony Starr, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, etc.

Developed By: Erik Kripke

Release Date: July 26, 2019



For those who are into superhero franchises, ‘The Boys’ will be something, not cliche and hence something that assures you a new experience altogether. The boys are regarding ‘The Sevens’, a team of seven superheroes (and more), The Vought – a company staging them and a team of people who are trying to expose the reality of The Vought to the public. 

Though viewers’ mileage may vary, The Boys’ violent delights and willingness to engage in heavy, relevant themes are sure to please those looking for a new group of antiheroes to root for.”

~ The Rotten Tomatoes

For sure, this web series deserves applause for its content, it’s making, and the dark comedy and boldness is wrapped in. My review for the boys for the episodes released so far will be 08.5/10.

Summary / Plot Line

The pilot episode of ‘The Boys’ starts with an introduction of ‘The Vought’, a company that stages superheroes across the world as a mission to protect the people from any kind of danger ahead. The plot gains its racy mood when Hughy Campbell, a boy from NewYork confronts mental trauma as a superhero named A – Train (generally referred to as Supe) kills his girlfriend Robin, accidentally. A-Train belongs to a core team of superheroes called ‘The Sevens’ from The Vought.

The Sevens include The Homelander, A-Train, The Lamplighter, The Deep, Queen Maeve, The Black Noir, and The Translucent. After the death of Lamplighter, a girl with superpowers named Annie January takes his place being The Starlight.

These superheroes who are presented in public as heroes sent by God himself to protect the people are a bunch of people who are forced to do things by The Vought for their benefits. Homelander, who is considered as the mightiest among The Seven turns out to be a narcissist and a cruel minded person. As Annie joins as Starlight to The Seven filled with supes who themselves are not perfect, she is forced to cope up with the reality. She is forced to choose between right and wrong.

Parallelly, Billy Butcher joins hands with Hughie as he explains to him about the dark secrets of The Vought, The Sevens, and The Supes. Billy gradually brings up a team of his Boys which includes Hughie, Mother’s Milk, and Frenchie. As more episodes unfold, ‘The Boys’ becomes a deadly game between The Supes and The Boys led by Butcher.


Not being just another superhero stuff out there, The Boys has more in it. It deals with beliefs, superstitions, politics, and more. Right before you begin the series, you are welcomed with a warning of violence in it. The Boys indeed is filled with a lot of violent visuals as well. But despite that, it is backed up with a unique story backed up with brilliant performances along with moments of dark humor.

Right now as I’m typing down this review, The Boys’ second season is on and they have released 07 episodes so far. By releasing one episode each Friday on Amazon Prime, the makers have successfully made our expectations along with our anxiety reach the maximum high by now.

As butcher and his boys start peeling off the masks worn by The Vought and expose them to the public and as Vought in return with the Supes trying to save themselves along with trying to take down the boys, the tale has now paused in a very interesting manner! Don’t ask me more as I believe giving away spoilers is a sinful act!


The Boys is a series full of things that you mostly won’t expect to see from the superhero genre and hence it is highly recommended. Although I must warn you that the whole thing consists of a good amount of violence and yeah along with that you may jump up from your seats a couple of times while watching each episode!