The Dig Movie Review

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One Line Review: Quite an entertaining film- worth your while.

 The Dig
(2021) on IMDb
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Starring: Lily James, Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan, Johnny Flynn

Director: Simon Stone

Release Date: 141th January 2021



Do you like pirates? Or have you ever dreamed of being one? Or have you ever fantasized about finding some hidden pirate treasure? As for me, Yes I like pirates, I dream of becoming one and I love treasure stories. Today, I’ll be talking about kind of similar story where one archeologist digs up an ancient ship in a burial ground. Yeah, that’s right. In a Burial ground. You can guess the excitement level. I’m giving it a 4.5.

“The Dig is well played, especially by the leads, and visually gorgeous, but it lacks fire and ironically doesn’t get under the surface of its story”

Ian Freer, Empire

Plot Summary

Back in 1930s England, Edith Pretty, a wealthy landlord, decides to have an archeologist investigate mounds in her property. She hires an amateur one to do the job. After examining and doing some archeology things, the archeologist decides to dig up the backyard, only to find out a ship from the dark ages. What happens next will shock you to the ground. Watch the movie to find out.

Aspect 1:

The very first thing I want to address is the homework the film producers and the writers did for this movie. According to some real archeologists, this film is factually correct and has a lot of informational things from a scholar’s point of view. Unlike some Bollywood biography or historical drama, this film doesn’t distort anything in the name of pictorial representation. The story was a bit slow but was interesting enough to grab you by your eyeballs.

Aspect 2:

I felt some lack of depth to the plot. The plot was supposed to be deeper and connecting. The concept was very good and based on that the film could’ve been more under the surface of it, but anyways. It was still very interesting. Acting-wise, the cast did a very good job. You can hear the story only by looking at the expression on their faces. Very class acting.


You should watch this movie. I feel like you should. I’ve enjoyed it. Not because I’m into archeology and stuff, but because it was such a good piece of art. It was so nicely put together. I wish it had more depth and something more to show in its plot and story. Anyways, that’s it from my side.

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