The Sleepover Movie Review 👍

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One Line Review: Parents and Kids can totally count to “The Sleepover”.

The Sleepover Movie Review
Action, Adventure, Comedy
 The Sleepover
(2020) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer The Sleepover

Starring: Sadie Stanley, Malik Akerman, Cree Cicchino

Director: Trish Sie

Release Date: 21 August 2020



If you’re a parent who wants to have good Netflix time with your kid or you are a teenager who is looking for a good movie to watch with your friends, this movie is the one. 7.5/10 from me.

“The Sleepover” is, simply put, a good family fun.”

~ Jennifer Green, Common Sense Media


One day Clancy and her brother Kevin find out that their mother is missing from home. Kids start investigating and find out that their mom was a pretty clever thief in her old days and is now on her final mission to steal something precious. Watch the drama of hilarious sibling encounter and theft action both in one shot.

What’s to Like/DisLike?

Perfect to Kids ?

The target audience of this film was Small teenagers and parent-pupil relations and the film proved to be just right. It is what it was meant to be. There are punchlines and jokes which will ROFL the kids and their parents as well. Action sequences and stupid mistakes made by characters make it entertaining for the kids.

Story & Characters ?

The story is engaging, and the characters are fascinating. You’ll especially fall in love with this Kevin kid. As for performances: Acting was good, music and BGM were spot on, the Production quality is also very good.

Well, being an adult I wish it was a bit more entertaining for me but heck!.

Farewell Words

I didn’t review any movie for parents and kids, and then this movie came to my mind.

“The Sleepover” is 10/10 for kids and parents who find it awkward to communicate or spend time with their children, this movie is for you.