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One Line Review: Thunivu is a complete Ajith Kumar show and nothing else.

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Cast: Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, etc.

Directed By: H. Vinoth

Release Date: January 11, 2023


Thunivu is a heist movie where Ajith Kumar shines with all of his swag and charisma.

Thunivu Review: Mediocre Fare

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Our rating for Thunivu is 06/10.


A group of robbers with the help of ACP Ajay plan a heist in your bank. Their plan is to loot the extra 500crs illegally stored in the bank lockers so that it won’t be accountable for the bank to complain. While the group creates havoc in the bank, kick-starting their plan, they are counter-attacked by an unknown man inside the bank with a gun.

Later the man himself hijacks the entire plan, taking control of the heist all by himself. He is later identified as Micheal aka Dark Devil. While Micheal negotiates with the government with higher stakes and a bigger plan, the actual reason why he is there is still a mystery.


Thunivu is a complete Ajith Kumar show. If you are an Ajith fan, you are in for a treat. But if you are not, what welcomes you is a lousy screenplay, half-baked plot, weak script, and rushed climax.

H. Vinoth’s second collaboration with actor Ajith Kumar after Valimai too leaves less impression. When a maker delivers an all-time blockbuster like Theeran comes up with movies like Valimai and Thunivu as his next, it is obviously unacceptable. The audience will expect the perfection he delivered in Theeran which lacks in Thunivu.

Ajith Kumar is the one and only entity that takes the entire movie forward. He looks extraordinarily stylish with unmatchable swag. There is no need to say especially how the actor aces when he helms a negative shade role. But when the story slowly unveils the whats and whys of everything, things don’t really feel connected. With an unimpressive composition and screenplay, it looks like Ajith is the only one keeping the pieces together.

Thunivu, like any other H. Vinoth movie, comes with a message which remains partially delivered. A lot of the contents and facts the maker tries to say through his movie are relevant and on-point. Still, Thunivu lacks that neat execution and emotional connection which is much needed. The CGI looks too artificial just like the sets used in the entire movie.

In short, Thunivu is full of fire, bullets, bomb blasts, cops, masks, and a highly energetic Ajith Kumar and nothing else.


Thunivu – is a one-time watchable action thriller that looks a lot like a money heist.