Top 10 Teen Drama Shows

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Welcome back to Fandom Insights. If you are looking to add some teen drama shows to your watch list then you’ve landed on right place as I’m going to save you a lot of time and trouble of bad choices.

In my opinion, if you are a teenager watching teenage dramas, you’ll connect with the characters often and fast than anyone and you’ll enjoy the story much better than anyone else.

So here’s my list of top 10 teen drama shows which you must watch…

13 Reasons why

Available on Netflix

13 Reasons Why might be the most heart wrenching series ever created by Netflix.

The story is so dark and full of emotions that you will start weeping in between. All things rest aside you are going to relate with the character often time, for sure.

This the story of Hannah Baker’s Suicide. When Clay finds a mysterious box in his porch and inside that box was 13 recordings made by Hannah Baker before committing suicide explaining 13 Reason why he gave up on her life. Clay gets intrigued and want to find out whether he is in in her list or not as he had a major crush on her.

This series has 4 great seasons and last of which has aired this year.

Stranger Things

Available on Netflix

Another most loved Netflix original which you should add to your list.

This sci-fi teen drama is story of 6 friends. When Will, out of blues, goes missing from the town all of his friends and family member starts to look for him. And from the exact area where Will was last seen, they find a weird and terrified girl Eleven who brings the dark side of the town’s history and all the bad deep happening in the town’s laboratory.

This series is on to releasing its 4th season this year.


Available On Netflix

A recent news about Glee Star Naya Rivera’s death shocked the fans right away. I pray for the sweet soul may it rest in peace.

This show is about a Teacher and an unknown Glee club. When the teacher gets personalized comments and insults from a cheerleader coach he gets determined to turn the glee club into a sensation among people both inside and outside of the school.

This show has total 6 season to it.

Marvel’s Runaway

Available on Prime

A group of young school students finds out about an evil and terrible secrets of their parents and they are on to do something very bad which will cause whole city big troubles. So they units with each other to stop their parents from doing terrible things.

This bad boy got 3 smakin’ seasons to its name.


Available on Netflix

A socially unaccepted and weird teenager Scott McCall gets bitten by a wolf just one day before Sophomore year which turns him into a ware wolf and unleashes his potential to inhuman levels.

He becomes instant sensation in the school but with one problem he gets urges as a wolf does and doesn’t know how to hide it or control it. He struggles to manage it.


Available on Netflix

This is a British-German Tv series based on life of a teenage girl who has inhuman senses, can run at a speed which is humanly impossible, has a very strong smelling power. She’s a ware wolf which means she has blood of wolves. She manages to keep it a secret until she meets a boy who has very same characteristics. Now she is in danger of getting exposed.

The O.C

Available on Netflix

A teen boy who was on wrong track of life with wrong people gets kicked out from his parent’s house. But his luck shines when a rich couple adopts him and take him with them to Orange county where they life a luxurious life. The boy continues his old life attitude in his new life which causes him trouble.


Available on Netflix

based on real Archie Comic Characters this show is based on life of teenage college group who were struggling with sex, romance and career, they get exposed to criminal side of their town when a young boy gets murdered on the exact spot where they were hanging out.

They fight with the evil and struggles to fulfill their natural desires which is causing them a lot of troubles.

Gossip Girl

Available on Netflix

An Anonymous blogger who runs a website is keeping an eye on famous teens of the school and telling their dirty secrets to everyone.

No one knows how he is but he keeps on exposing them on every move. One of them is a girl who is envied by everyone but her ex best friends join the same school. They both can’t stand each other and they compete over everything including their relationships.

Vampire Diaries

Available on Netflix

Two Brother fights over to get the love of an adorable teen but what she doesn’t know about them is that they both are vampires and people die wherever they go. They both get urges of blood every once in a while and they try to hide it from the world.

This show has 8 seasons to it and has become everyone’s favorite.

Final Words

So that was the list of Hot Teen Drama shows which are trending right now and which are pretty good to watch.

I hope you’ve ended with at least 5 shows to watch and I hope you’ll have a good time watching them.

See you later with a new hot list of shows.