Top 10 Youtube Channels for Indian Kids

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After Google, Youtube ranked on the 2nd position for the most popular website in the world. This website has content for all kind of viewers starting from children to adults. As the growing economy, India is developing on many other aspects, and its young brains are growing and learning quickly. There are lots of channels available for kids who are helping the little ones on learning the new rhymes to phonics and alphabets. The channels have created the animated educational series to educated children. There was a saying that the child who learns only in the school is uneducated. There are lots of rooms to learn things out of the class. 

There is no doubt that Youtube has various channels for kids, so we have collected the top channels which are entertaining the kids and helping them to learn.

ChuChu TV

ChuChu TV focuses on nursery rhymes and education videos. With its designed, cute, and colorful animation, it gained popularity. The channel helps the kids to learn rhymes, numbers, colors, and other positive messages. The channel is so popular all over the world, it gained the 233rd rank in the world, and 9th rank in India across all the genres. The channel was launched in 2013 and has 10,975,204 subscribers.  

CVS 3D Nursery Rhymes8

The channel has entertaining content for the kids with 3D animation. Apart from nursery rhymes, it also has some stories, short films and devotional songs. There are songs in English as well as other regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali etc. The Channel has over 6,201,005 subscribers.

Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs

The channel is one of the best online Youtube channels that have various nursery rhymes and video songs. With beautiful animation video, there are lots of English rhymes like Jonny Jonny yes papa, Incy Wincy Spider, Finger Family and many more. The channel has more than 4,228,196 subscribers.


The channel is stick to the content that can entertain kids with nursery rhymes, animated songs and basic information. The channel brings the kindergarten teachings at your doorstep to help in learning your child. The channel has more than 512,992 subscribers.


Infobells is one of the top 10 kids Youtube channels in India. The channel has released more than 170 songs that are popular among kids. The channel is popular among the kids because of its eye-catching animations and colourful characters. The channel has more than 632,322 viewers.

National Geographic Kids

Not all kids are watching Youtube for nursery rhymes. There are many kids who are curious about their surroundings and want to know about science and nature. This channel helps kids to know more about science and nature in animated videos. There are lots of exciting topics for kids to improve their knowledge.

It’s Okay to Be Smart

Learning is fun with this channel. Learn about the basics of science with interesting animated videos. It makes sciences activities fun. 

PBS Kids

The channel uploaded videos that can make your child learns life lessons in an innovative ways. It helps to improve the creative and critical thinking if your child at an early age.

Soul Pancake

The channel is typically not dedicated for the kids, but it has videos which focus on positive, empathetic, kind, and uplift one another. These videos help kids to improve compassion, independent thinking.

Hoopla Kidz Lab

The grown-up kids who are interested in science, this channel is dedicated for you. The channel has science experiments, vlogs that can help kids to learn more about concepts of science. Keep an eye on your kid while they get work on that to help them improve themselves.

Art for Kids Hub

This channel is a boon for the kids who are interested in learning arts and crafts. If your kid is interested in arts and crafts, this channel can help them to improve their creativity. There are lots of weekly new art lessons for kids, including drawings and fun craft projects to improve your kids’ creativity.

SK Special Kids

SK Special Kids is specially designed for nursery kids. we try to make colorful kids learning 2d and 3d animation. I hope you enjoy it

It includes – Finger Family Songs This is a nursery rhyme about the fingers and their alternative names. The song is perfect for singing for small babies and infants. Sing the song along with your child and help award them with the ice cream, chocolate bars while they complete the song.

Appu Series

Appu” is baby elephant character who is fun-loving, cute, and friendly with the kids. The character greets the kids while the tune in the channel. The series has various things to learn from rhymes to stories and even basic mathematics in English and well and in various regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali.

Rajshri Kids

Rajshri Kids is the sister channel of the famous Rajshri production which is launched for the kids and families. The chain becomes hit with its famous and humours characters like “motu patlu”. These animated characters are representing innocence and pure comedy which is fun for kids to watch them. The channel also uploads animated rhymes, moral stories, fairy tales, mythological stories and educational videos both in Hindi as well as in English. Other then “motu patlu ” the channel has various significant series which are loved by kids like Akbar Birbal, Vikram Betal, Bal Ganesh animated series.

Final Words

As we all know that children are delicate and sensitive so as their brain. The concentration power if their mind is much more powerful than an adult and as a parent, you can’t let your kid watch anything randomly. We have concluded a few of the best Youtube kid’s channels that are suitable to nurture your kid’s brain. These channels are for entertained as well as to improve the knowledge of your kid at an early age. 

The channel clears the concepts of the child with animated designs to make their doubts clear. So, choose the right Youtube channel for your kid as per their interest to improve their skills and nurturer their young mind.