Arya 2 Movie Review

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One Line Review: Arya 2 is a romantic roller-coaster ride full of Love and Friendship.

Aarya 2 Movie Review
Action, Comedy, Romance

Origin: India

Language: Telugu

 Arya 2
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Cast: Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep, Shraddha Das

Directed By: Sukumar

Release Date: November 27 2009


What’s it About?

After his evergreen blockbuster movie ‘Arya’ which was released in 2004, five years later, Sukumar decided to come up with a sequel to the movie Arya 2.

Clutching on the same concept of an unusual story of love and friendship he showcased in Arya, Sukumar excelled again as a director of Arya 2 in a brilliant way thereby stealing hearts again.

My Rating: 09/10


Arya is a boy who ends up in an orphanage and meets Ajay and decides to make him his friend. A helpless Ajay, even though having no interest in Arya or his weird mannerisms, agrees to be his friend.

Years later, the duo is still seen together and Arya is a person who is ready even to die or kill for his friend whereas, for Ajay, he is just an irritating person.

Arya falls in love with Geetha, an employee in Ajay’s office. Ajay too falls for Geetha. With Arya ready to sacrifice anything for his friend and now, for the love of his life, he should make a choice.

How will her entry impact their life and who will win Geetha’s heart in the end? The rest of the story is all about that.


Allu Arjun’s performance as Arya is one of the major highlights of the movie. His character, completely contrasting from the prequel looks dashing, weird, and obviously – ultra-stylish.

If Allu is half of the movie’s soul, Kajal Aggarwal as Geetha could be considered as the other half. The actress delivered one of her career-best performances in this movie and the audience will never forget the cute, beautiful and at times angry Geetha that easily. 

Navdeep’s character as Ajay is not a ‘hero’s sidekick’ role but was as equal as of the hero himself in the movie and he did complete justice to his role.

Apart from the stellar performances of the cast and the brilliant direction by Sukumar, the music was one of the biggest highlights of the movie. The songs and scores composed by Devi Sri Prasad were all chartbusters.


In a pool of cliche love stories, Sukumar’s Arya 2 is a standout. It has everything in it in a perfect ratio: Romance, Friendship, Action, Comedy, Sentiment… yeah everything! And hence, Arya 2 can still be counted as one of the best movies of Tollywood.

Final Words

You will fall in love with the movie and its characters so yeah, it is highly recommended! You can see why Sukumar is one of the best when it comes to movie-making and Allu proves again why he is called one of the most stylish stars in Tollywood.

Although, a heads up – Beware of getting your hearts stolen by Kajal as Geetha!