Upgrade Movie Review

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One Line Review: High octane action sequences with a good storyline. 👍

Action, Thriller, Sci-fi

Release Date: 1st June 2018

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YouTube Trailer Upgrade

Starring: Logan Marshall-Green, Melanie Vallejo, Steve Danielsen, Simon Maiden, Harrison Gilbertson, Benedict Hardie

Directed By: Leigh Whannell


What’s It About?

“Upgrade” brings a whole new concept of human and A.I. This movie doesn’t make you feel that it’s on a low budget due to its good production design, CGI, and editing.

“Apart from a few flimsy special effects… this is a satire that cleaves dangerously close to reality at times.”

~ Ed Potton from The Sunday Times


Set in the future; Upgrade is a story of Grey Trace, who is crippled after being attacked by four guys and his is wife killed by the same guys.

His desperation to find the culprits leads him to implant an A.I. called STEM, which not only helps him walk but enables Grey with some extraordinary skills.

Grey goes hunting those guys who killed his wife, but he encounters something unexpected at the end of his journey.

Did you know, despite Venom (2018) having a different storyline it has a similar concept to “Upgrade”


What’s to Like/Dislike?

Human and AI Interaction 👍👍

The best part of the movie is the A.I. acts like a voice of Grey’s consciousness, which only he can hear it. The relationship between Grey and STEM is built over time and it has twists and turns at the end.

Action Sequences 👍👍

The action sequences in this movie are brutal. The camera movements, special effects, and editing make it more interesting.

Grey’s portrayal of A.I. controlling his body is spot on. We watch him at times give STEM complete control of his body and he resisted at the time when Gary is having conflicts with STEM.


I was surprised and intrigued by the concept of this movie. I expected the climax to be better, but that doesn’t make it bad. The upgrade is a good example of how to make Sci-Fi movies on a tight budget.

Final Words

You’d definitely like this one if you are into the Sci-Fi genre. The concept of this movie has an emotional hook, which makes it more interesting. I’d recommend this one and rate it a high 3/5.