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Best Bollywood Revenge Movies You Can Stream Online

While Bollywood is famous for its love stories and its song and dance sequences, it has given its biggest Hits with Revenge movies. Let's...
2 min read

Thor Movie Review: Origin of “God of Thunder”

Thor: Let's recall Thor's first adventure :)
3 min read

Underrated Sci-fi Movies You Can Stream Online

Underrated sci-fi movies that you can stream online. 1. I am Mother 2. In The Shadow of The Moon 3. Spectral 4. IO 5. Super 8
2 min read

Z Nation Review

The most comprehensive review of Z Nation in as little words as possible.
1 sec read

The 100 Web Series Review

All in all "The 100" is an exciting one time watch. With a plotline spanning across Space, Moons, and Planets. A mix of Sci-fi...
0 2 min read

Star Trek Discovery Review

Star Trek Discovery Review: If you are looking for a TV Series to binge on, you have come to the right place. Star Trek...
3 min read