Star Trek Discovery Review

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One line Take: A Very Unpredictable Storyline with numerous twists and turns coupled with the most Visually Appealing TV/Web Series from the Star Trek stable.

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 ActionAdventureDrama, Scifi
 Star Trek: Discovery
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Starring:   Sonequa Martin-GreenDoug JonesAnthony Rapp 

Creators: Alex KurtzmanBryan Fuller

Release Year: 2017


Star Trek Discovery is set ten years before the famous Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise. We are introduced to new characters: Michael Burnham, Mr. Saru, Paul Stamets, Sylvia Tilly, Ash Tyler, Voq, L’Rell, Captain Georgiou, and Captain Lorca to name a few. It takes us places where we have not gone before.

“As the medium of television evolves, it’s comforting to know that Star Trek is there to evolve right along with it.”

David Sims The Atlantic

I would rate the series very highly – given its stunning visuals, interweaved characters and innumerable twists and turns had me hooked.


The story revolves around USS Discovery a Starship in Starfleet representing the Federation of Planets and its ideals. Stra Trek Discovery covers the battle between Klingon, their culture of total dominance with the Federation of Planets, and their culture of inclusiveness and ideals. A typical Star Trek story of Good vs Evil right? Not really, it’s more than that and to my surprise even spans multiverse, the first of what we have seen with the franchise so far.


One aspect that I particularly liked was the surprising twist and turns in the plot; always keeping the viewer intrigued. No spoilers here, but watch out for surprises along the way!

Another differentiating aspect being stunning visuals, giving it a “feature film quality” feel.


Characters are strong and live up to potential. They are also very interesting, having intricate stories and mysterious backgrounds.

Michael Burnham

Michael Burnham

Spok has a sister? No way! Well if he had one, won’t she merit her own show as lead? Most Definitely!

Interesting Tidbit: Michael Burnham is the first Black woman to lead a Startrek series also the first lead character who is not a Starfleet Captain!

Just as repetition reinforces repetition, change begets change. I guess the truth is, we never really know what’s coming. Sometimes, the only way to find out where you fit in is to step out of the routine. Because sometimes where you really belong was waiting right around the corner all along.

~ Michael Burnham. Star Trek Discovery.

Commander Saru

A new introduction to the franchise – a lovable Kelpien Starfleet officer with uncanny ability to sense danger.

“Despite Speaking 94 Languages, There Are Times When Words Are Not Enough.”

~ Commander Saru on Star Trek: Discovery.

Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets
Paul Stamets

An astromycologist with a deep love for science, curiosity to kill, and a gentle heart underneath a hard shell.

Interesting Tidbit: Paul Stamets is the first openly gay regular character in a Star Trek television series.

Never hide who you are. That’s the only way relationships work.

~ Lt. Stamets. Star Trek Discovery.

Sylvia Tilly

Cadet tilly is probably the most vocal character on the show, seems out of place amongst her serious colleagues but is invaluable both to the story and the series with her affable presence.


Here’s a conversation that would show the kind of character she is:

Captain Gabriel Lorca: Cadet, looks like you’re taking this.

Sylvia Tilly: Uh, wh- uh, wh-what-what do I say?

Captain Gabriel Lorca: You just get rid of them as fast as possible. And you talk as little as possible.

Sylvia Tilly: That’s, uh, that might be a little hard for me- Have you noticed that I talk a lot?

“I love feeling feelings.”

~ Sylvia Tilly. Star Trek Discovery.

Ash Tyler

A conflicted character starts out as a Starfleet officer aboard USS Yeager, is captured by Klingons, and then rejoins the Starfleet with USS Discovery. Watch out!


A traditionalist Klingon leader who regards the expanding United Federation of Planets as a threat to Klingon identity and independence.


Voq, born with albinism, an outcast from his house and Klingon society; refers himself as “son of none”. He is a devout follower of T’Kuvma, sacrifices everything for the cause.

Honourable Mentions

 L’Rell, Captain Georgiou and Captain Lorka.


If you are looking for a TV Series to binge on, you have come to the right place. Star Trek Discovery is a refreshing take on the franchise, it does things differently and keeps the bond with its foundations intact at the same time. Must Watch.

Parting Words

Lots of Sci-Fi movies and TV Shows have come and gone. Star Trek has a special place in our hearts for its incredible simplicity, message of equality, stunning visuals, memorable dialogues and affable characters, may it keep taking us far and beyond!