Chopsticks Movie Review

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One Line Review: A simple film of an ordinary girl and a witty conman with a soft heart, who make an unexpectedly odd combination, and wind up in a comedic rigmarole.

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Comedy, Suspense

Release Date: 31 May, 2019

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Starring: Mithila Palkar, Abhay Deol, Vijay Raaz

Directed by: Sachin Yardi


What’s it About?

If you happen to be looking for a breather from all the grim, serious shows that the digital space is saturated with, Chopsticks is breezy, simple, offbeat, and will have you smiling by the end of it.

Chopsticks is a coming-of-age film about a young girl who is as insecure as she is sincere and naïve – and a young ‘chef’, who actually is just a conman by night.

The eccentric duo discovers a newfound friendship that leads to transformative experiences for them individually.

“This movie can best be described as lighthearted noir.

~ Brian Costello, Common Sense Media.

Personal rating: 6.5/10

Plot/Story Line

A meek, timid, gauche- yet sincere and hardworking girl, Nirma Sahastrabuddhe is ecstatic and proud as she buys her first car. But as fate would have it, it gets stolen the very same evening.

Having gotten no significant assistance from the local police, she manages to meet ‘Artist’ aka Shashwat Menon (Abhay Deol), who poses as a stark contrast to everything Nirma is. He’s witty, confident, self-aware, but yet nonchalant about it all.

A bit amused by Nirma’s personality – much like all of us – he decides to help in tracing her lost car, and a classic cat-mouse chase ensues. Through this frantic search, Nirma learns to believe in herself a little more, and face life with hardiness.

Chopsticks Movie Review Abhay Deol

What’s to Like/Dislike?

Performances ??

Vijay Raaz, as the dominating, whacky Faiyaz ‘Bhai’, does an incredible job at being not only an obstinate gangster but also bringing in effortless comedic moments while at it. He’s convincingly scary, but also has a malleable, soft heart – as we see at the end of the movie.

We’re also introduced to his beloved goat, Bahubali, whom he committedly trains for a local goat fight. Although gangster roles are not new to Vijay, he somehow manages to do a fantastic job at setting each one apart from the other.

Abhay Deol is charming and endearing, even as a conman – and I still can’t imagine anyone else fitting into the role as well as he does.

Plot ?

Admittedly, the film does not have a lot going on. The plot is maybe a little too simplistic, that I’m surprised it translated into becoming a 1 hour and 40 minutes long movie. In terms of the overall plot of the film, it comes off as being bland.

Maybe for an audience that has become more than habituated to the incessant ‘masala’ of Bollywood, a film with a plot and message like this one, can be quickly interpreted as boring.

The humor in the movie fails to be adequate and doesn’t actually make you laugh out loud. It will, at best, leave you smirking. There seems to be a certain inexplicable character and depth missing from the film.


On the whole, although the plot seems to have a few loose ends, the film still gains points for bringing the ‘feel good’ element. Additionally, the casting seems perfectly fitting. Even Mithila Palkar, who is able to fluidly play Nirma and her naivete that makes the viewer giggle.

A one time watch on a slow Afternoon. ?