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One Line Review: One of the best movies ever made that stands high with its way of presentation.

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Cast: Chemban Vinod, Vinay Fort, Jaffer Idukki, etc.

Directed By: Lijo Jose Pellissery

Release Date: November 19, 2021

Introduction of Churuli Movie

Churuli Movie, a movie that became the talk of an entire state just because of the extreme usage of abusive/cuss words throughout the film with no censoring, is one of the brilliant movies ever made in world cinema according to me.

“Lijo Jose Pellissery embarks on a cinematic journey with a map that has no boundaries.”


Our rating for Churuli Movie is 09/10.


The movie starts with a narrative told by a lady to a kid, of a Namboodiri (Priest) who is in a quest to capture the ‘Maadan’, an evil entity. The Namboodiri, on his hunt for the Maadan via a dense forest, finds an ant-eater and takes it with him in a basket. The ant-eater keeps directing Namboodiri in different paths inside the forest. The narration ends is concluded by saying how the Namboodiri is believed to be still roaming inside the forest enchanted by the ant-eater’s direction who’s actually the Madan in another form.

Two policemen in false names, Shajeevan and Anthon, go to a place named Churuli in search of a criminal named Mayiladumparambil Joy. Both of them get stuck in a lot of weird and mysterious situations while in Churuli. From the place to the inhabitants of the place has this weird and confusing behavior throughout the movie.

The rest of the movie is all about what happens with Shajeevan and Anthony and whether they will find their mystery man Joy.


Churuli Movie is a movie made in the best possible way. It can’t get any better. While a good lot of people scrutinized the movie for its extreme usage of cuss words, the underlying theme of the movie is less understood.

The movie is rich with visuals and soundtracks that take you in a mentally tripping mode. Churuli is highly cryptic and the maker is adamant about not spoon-feeding the audience. One must watch the movie at least twice to understand it in a better way. It’s almost like Christopher Nolan’s way of presenting a complex concept in an artistic way. Once a person understands Churuli, they’ll know even the cuss words are a kind of metaphor to indicate the wildness inside a person.

Each person will understand Churuli from his/her own perspective and that’s the beauty of this movie.


Churuli Movie is highly cryptic, extremely entertaining, and strictly for adults.