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One Line Review: It attempts to depict the struggles of an unpopular teenager in high school, but ultimately falls victim to ol’ school clichΓ©

 Confessions of an Invisible Girl
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Starring: Marcus Bessa, Caio Cabral

Director: Bruno Garotti

Release Date: 22 September 2021



A teen’s journey of self-discovery is the subject of Netflix’s new Brazilian feature film Confessions of an Invisible Girl, or ConfissΓ΅es de Uma Garota ExcluΓ­da, which will be released in 2021. The film is a close hit, but it offers nothing new. This film tries to be a breath of fresh air but succumbs to the same-old story of a high school girl who feels out of place until a make

Plot summary and Analysis / Is it any different from the book Confessions of an Invisible Girl?

Evidently, this is not the case. Although our main character, Tete, wears chunky spectacles, sweats profusely when she is nervous and falls in love with every guy she meets, she is the high school outcast who isn’t “cool” enough to be accepted by the clique. Yes, it sounds like a page from The Princess Diaries has been lifted directly from the page. It is even the grandmother who assists her granddaughter by constantly encouraging her to do better academically and socially by being popular and having friends! It even includes a character who identifies as LGBTQ+, but it does not go into detail about the character’s subplot.

In contrast, Tete is an endearing protagonist who is almost too good to be true, even for a girl who struggles to be noticed at her new boarding school. She is willing to put up with her family’s support and intrusion into her personal life, which can come across as bullying by her grandmother and mother at times. The “Mean Girl” at school is tolerated by her, and despite the fact that all of her punchlines are a failure, she tries to be a good friend to her.

Boring start

The first half of the film is tedious, primarily due to the fact that there have been so many similar films made with the same premise in the past. Although the film attempts to pick up speed in the second half by transforming into a thriller or PG-13 crime documentary of sorts, it comes across as a low blow that is delivered without warning, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and befuddled with what is going on.

However, there are some aspects of the story that break the pattern of the hopeless high school girl story, allowing the story to progress in a more positive direction. One example is that it is finally addressing the issue of boys accepting responsibility!

Ol’ School Reference

There are countless movies in which you can see how the one high school jock has messed around with the popular girl, her enemy, and the high school outcast without taking responsibility for what he has done. The guy eventually wins over the girl (the outcast who has waxed her unibrow and shed her glasses and is now suddenly considered beautiful)! No one questions this man’s ability to break so many hearts and, in a way, take advantage of the female attention he receives.

It is not going to wow you, but it is also not going to let you down if you are looking for a feel-good, young adult film to entertain yourself. As a matter of fact, it sheds light on the innate desire of teenagers to fit in when faced with the pressure of “who is popular?” in high school. Confessions of an Invisible Girl is a novel about growing up under social pressure, dealing with raging hormones, dealing with awkward situations, and embarking on a journey to learn to love and respect oneself.


Confession of invisible girl Review
Confession of invisible girl Review

It attempts to depict the struggles of an unpopular teenager in high school but ultimately falls victim to ol’ school clichΓ©.