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One Line Review:: Despite all the hard work on the plot and characters, the film turned out to be vague.

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Starring: Freida Pinto, Logan Marshall-Green, Logan Marshall‑Green, Robert John Burke

Director: Adam Salky

Release Date: 22 September 2021



Director Adam Salky and writer Christopher Sparling retell a classic story in a fresh and innovative manner. However, they do not go much further than the familiar fright that can be found within its familiar confines. This is not a horror film in the traditional sense. That being said, it is a thriller, and it is a reasonably effective one at that. Intrusion, a forgettable piece of work from Salky and Sparling that is currently streaming on Netflix, does not provide many thrills to its audience.

Plot Analysis

The first thing that you might notice about Intrusion is that it lacks polish on the whole. The script doesn’t rely on twists and turns, but rather on some fairly obvious elements to move the plot

forward. Meera (Freida Pinto) is a cancer survivor who is being carried away by her husband (Logan Marshall-Green), who is building their dream home.

Despite the fact that the plot was intended to be governed by thriller elements, the movie is centered on this character’s refusal to allow her life to become entangled in a web of intrigue. The plot of the film is driven by the main character’s desire to separate herself from her angst and constant fear, even as she becomes more entwined, as she does with the crisis.

To generate revenue, the film emphasizes and exploits the dread-inducing potential of its premise rather than drawing attention to its stylistic and genre conventions. The screenplay by Sparling and Salky relies heavily on devices intended to frighten viewers β€” whether it’s a hauntingly foreboding soundtrack or a terrifying scene β€” to achieve its goal of terrifying viewers. Jump scares and one-liners aren’t the points of this film; instead, it wants to make you feel strange and alone in a suburban nightmare.

Despite the fact that Frieda Pinto’s character in Intrusion is still vague

As for Pinto herself, her performance has far less impact on the plot than that of the rest of the main characters do. The little she gives us through her facial expressions and physicality registers as genuine; she appears to be resentful of the situation. Only her intelligence, which is frequently demonstrated in her awkward approach to interpersonal interactions, makes a genuine contribution to the story.

Although she has a compelling personality, she lacks the ability to make us care about her character, let alone understand what she might be thinking, and what could have been a fascinating story comes across as blandly predictable.

It follows them as they begin their new life together, but it also addresses more significant issues such as the relationship between people and the modern home, which are addressed in the film. What’s not to like about this? The stakes are high enough that it’s difficult not to be invested in what happens next, even if some of the questions are never satisfactorily answered or are answered in a clumsy manner.

Why should we expect such a high level of detail in the Intrusion plot?

Because it perfectly captures the experience of watching Intrusion β€” a film that starts out a little off-kilter but gradually develops into something far more intriguing than its modest premise would suggest. It lacks the self-awareness and snappy script writing that would allow it to live up to its promise as a provocative psychological thriller. Despite this, it still manages to create enough atmosphere to keep you interested throughout its brief running time of 30 minutes.

The film’s most significant flaw is its overemphasis on plot development at the expense of character development. “Why did this person do this?” we must ask ourselves whenever the film shifts its focus, forcing us to ask ourselves. “What kind of person would do something like that?” In the absence of an adequate explanation for someone’s actions, we have no reason to care about them or to root for them when things get nasty. They appear to be rather flimsy, with their interactions not being handled adequately.

Final Words

Intrusion Review
Intrusion Review

The film’s structure isn’t particularly innovative, but it contains enough scares to prevent you from falling asleep during the screening. However, while it does not make it any more unpleasant or less effective, it does make it significantly less enjoyable than it might otherwise have been