Dev D Movie Review

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One Line Review: “Dev D is a modern day Kashyap style Devdas”

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Starring: Abhay Deol as Dev, Mahie Gill as Paro, Kalki Koechlin as Chanda, Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Chunni, Gurkirtan Chauhan as Satyapal Singh

Directed By: Anurag Kashyap

Release Date: 6 February, 2009


Mr. Unconventional – Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap has always been an unusual filmmaker who has stunned the audience with the type of movies he makes. With movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, No Smoking, Ugly, Manmarziya, he paved a different path for Bollywood.

One such example is Dev D! It broke all the stereotypes with an attempt never made before! “Dev D” though came in 2009, still feels like new age cinema in 2020.

What’s “Dev D” About?

Dev.D is an Anurag Kashyap directorial; shot in the parts of Delhi such as Paharganj and parts of Punjab that hit the box office in 2009. The movie is based on the well-known novel written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay named “Devdas”.

The movie Devdas (1955) directed by Bimal Roy was also based on the same novel and so was another adaptation (2002) of it; which was made by Bhansali in a colored version.

“Dev D is one such flight of fancy from the filmmaker that definitely defies all conventions and demolishes all moulds.”

~ Times of India

My ratings for Dev.D would be a high 9/10! Strongly recommended. 👍👍


Dev Singh Dhillon and Paro (Parminder) are childhood lovebirds who fall out of love as they grow up. Dev is self-centered and Paro decides to get married to someone else.

To get over Paro and deal with his angst Dev starts consuming cocaine and other drugs.

Enter Lennes; an Indian-French young girl and a high school student. Lennes’ alleged boyfriend leaks an MMS of hers in school causing a stir in her family and society. Her family disowns her and she decides to work in a brothel for a living. She then renames herself as “Chandramukhi” watching Madhuri in Devdas.

Dev later bumps into Chanda (Chandramukhi), with Chunni; a man or rather a pimp in black. When Dev meets Chanda for the first time, he feels animosity towards her. But he gradually starts falling for her and realizes that she’s his comfort person. Chanda whose whole life changes because of a lurid video clip, no longer dwells on it and decides to work as a prostitute as the means of living.

There also comes a scene where Paro comes to meet Dev at a cheap hotel where he resides.



Dev is an egoistic man returned from London who doesn’t really care about anybody or anything but himself. He doesn’t put anybody else before his needs. His cynical behavior is the reason behind the self-destruction.

Dev lives in his own world unaware of what is happening around him. He is a bad company for himself but what keeps him alive to drink and consume drugs is his father’s credit cards.


Paro is a beautiful young woman who loves Dev endlessly until he abandons her and calls her “classless”. She is unapologetically liberal about her sexuality.


Chanda, a 17yr school girl played by Kalki is a prostitute who communicates unexpected conversations in Hindi, English, and Tamil. Her face might not grab a lot of attention but her role in this movie will surely do!

What makes the movie unique?

Less Dramatic; More Relevant 👍👍

The movie although is an adaptation of Bhansali’s Devdas, but this Dev isn’t as dramatic as the Dev in Bhansali’s Devdas which was played by Shahrukh Khan. The irony is, though Dev is the protagonist, he plays a negative role! (Not literally)

Music, Dance & Visuals 👍👍

Amit Trivedi’s music is just bang on! Right from the quirky “Emosanal Atyachar” with a typical banjo system to Saali Khushi, Pardesi, Nayan Tarse, Paayaliya each song speaks for Dev!

The music along with extraordinary psychedelic visuals in blue with close camera angles of a drunk Dev adds a special touch to the movie. Dev D is the then Kabir Singh movie but is far better than it in every aspect.

The way Paro dances at her own wedding is something that no bride in any Bollywood movie ever did! The rock version of Emotional Atyachar is enough to give you goosebumps all over your body!

Performances 👍👍

Abhay Deol effortlessly proves that he has the craft and no nepotism banners can define it! Mahie has the confidence and Kalki has the rawness to fit into any and every character!

It is a fancy tale yet not so sophisticated. Sometimes you will be sympathizing with Dev and sometimes he will get on your nerves.

Every character has its own craft and uniqueness and delivers a mind-blowing performance.

Story & Climax 👍👍

There’s angst, gloom, with some pinches of hope in the movie. Thank God for the happy ending at least!

Final Words

Anurag Kashyap’s way of making movies is very unconventional, and to make something like Dev.D takes a lot of courage! Thankyou Anurag for bringing something so different to the table!

The film posters of Kashyap’s movies like Raman Raghav, Manmarziya, No Smoking are as brilliant as his work. The movie is dark but is packed with some superb performances and the best music album ever.

Don’t miss out on this masterwork to regret later!