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One Line Review:  Almost every frame is breathtaking in its own right, and it is difficult not to be moved by the amount of effort and imagination that has gone into making this movie.

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Starring: TimothΓ©e Chalamet, Jason Momoa

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Release Date: Oct 22 2021


Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is the work of cinema that the world has been waiting for. It is based on the 1965 science fiction novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, which is considered to be the greatest science fiction novel of all time. It has previously been adapted for the screen by critical filmmaker David Lynch, who was met with a mixed reception. To the contrary, this Timothee Chalamet-starring film outperforms all expectations, standing tall and proud as a work that liberates the viewer and causes them to rediscover their love for the beauty of filmmaking once more.

Plot Analysis

‘Dune’ and ‘Muad’Dib’ are the first two chapters of the first book in the Dune book series, and they are the only parts of the book that are covered in the adaptation. A large ensemble cast is featured in the film, including Timothee Chalamet as the main character Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as the Lady Jessica, Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Zendaya as Chani, Javier Bardem as Stilgar, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Dr. Liet-Kynes, Stella Skarsgard as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, and a number

‘Melange’ or ‘Spice’ is the currency of unlimited power and superhuman like abilities in the future, somewhere in “a galaxy far, far away,” similar to the Star Wars universe, and it is found on the desert planet Arrakis, also known as Dune, and it is the currency of unlimited power and superhuman like abilities. Duke Leto is offered the stewardship of this dangerous planet, and despite the fact that Dune is the home of his enemies, the Harkonnens, he agrees to take on the responsibility. As a result, the journey of young Paul Atreides, the son of Duke Leto, begins on a path that appears to be predestined yet is completely unpredictable.

Duke Leto, along with his son and royal concubine, Lady Jessica, appears to be settling into their new home in the Netherlands. However, Dune is more than just a trove of the universe’s most valuable substance; it is also a land of Freemen and deadly sandworms, and most importantly, it is a trap set up by the Harkonnens in order to gain the upper hand against the Atreides family. The film delves into the events that transpire as a result of these circumstances, with a particular emphasis on Paul Atreides, who is revealed to be much more than just another ducal heir.


The film explores real-life aspects of advanced science, philosophy, and ecology, and even makes a passing allusion to the effects of greed, which are believed to be a contributing factor to climate change. It transforms the viewer into a curious cat as it feeds us exciting, new revelations that make us want to know even more. Dune also places a strong emphasis on the interpersonal relationships and politics that exist in the everyday world, making the novel as relevant today as it was when it was first published.

The film, despite covering only the first two sections of the first volume of the Dune saga, does an excellent job of touching on the most important aspects of the book, which is probably the most important factor to take into consideration when making a literary adaptation of a novel. Denis Villeneuve, who has openly admitted over the years that adapting Dune has been a long-held dream of his, has finally realized that dream, not only for himself but also for the fans who have adored him since his first film, Incendies.

The Crown of Jewels

A large part of Dune’s success can be attributed to the hard work and talent of the film’s stellar cast and crew. Eric Roth, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter for Forrest Gump, and author Jon Spaihts collaborated with Villeneuve to write the screenplay, and the result is a work of exceptional quality that shines through on-screen. Using his stunning cinematography, Greig Fraser, who has previously dazzled us in Zero Dark Thirty, Rogue One, and Lion, brings Frank Herbert’s classic to life on the big screen.

While the entire film has put forth the tremendous effort, there are some shortcomings, and reading the book before watching the film would have provided the audience with a great deal of clarity in this regard. Because the film does not explain certain important points, such as what a Kwisatz Haderach is, if you have not read the book series, the film will fail to explain certain important points. Most of the revelations are saved for the second act, which will most likely tie everything together, including Lady Jessica’s ancestor, which may explain why Paul is referred to as “The One” in the first place.

With no resolution to the father-son bond that was established so beautifully at the beginning of the film in Caladan, the final interaction between Duke Leto and Paul feels a little off-kilter. The fates of Thurif Hawat and Gurney Halleck are left unexplained, leaving the audience to desperately await a sequel to complete what Villeneuve has begun in the first film. Aside from Paul Atreides’ character development, there is a dearth of other characters, which we can all attribute to the film’s brief running time.


Dune 2021 review
Dune 2021 review

Watching Dune is a decision that will make you feel opulent due to the grandeur of the film, but it will also force you to confront the harsh realities of life. Almost every frame is breathtaking in its own right, and it is difficult not to be moved by the amount of effort and imagination that has gone into making this movie. At the end of the day, we can all agree that a sequel is both necessary and eagerly anticipated.