Haseen Dillruba(Netflix) Movie Review πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

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One Line Review: After One and a half hours, I’m still not sure what I’ve watched. Not Recommended.

 Haseen Dillruba
(2021) on IMDb

Youtube Trailer Haseen Dillruba

Starring: Vikrant Messey, Tapsee Pannu

Director: Vinil Mathew

Release Date: 2 July 2021



Never have I ever seen a film that is so dull and lame but so rich in terms of acting performances at the same time. Let me tell you briefly what is wrong with this film and what makes the cast shine

Plot Summary

A murder mystery in which a wife is under investigation for his husband’s murder. The investigation brings ugly truths about their marriage that’ll shock you.

Loses the track in between

The film begins with a loud noise and continues without direct narration. But after a while it lost control. There are many loopholes that make this movie even more illogical. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a B-rated movie, and the performances of Taapsee and Harshavardhan are very ordinary. Vikrant Massey is the star here. Keep other people in the shade. This story could have been better. It performs poorly. Character development is sad. This movie should be exciting, but it will only bore you.

Vikrant Messey and his character Rishu

Rishu is a character I think will always be with me. I am in love with Rishu! His innocence, love, affection, and care for Rani touched my heart. It is really a good example of crazy love!I can continue to write articles about Rishu, this is how it affects the audience. I have watched many of Vikrant’s series, and I like him very much in each one. Once again, he also managed to shine more and more in this movie. Every expression of his, every conversation that passed, what a perfect man! He didn’t do too much, he didn’t do less, he just nailed it to perfection!

Now, coming to Taapsee and his character Rani

She has been gorgeous throughout this film. Her character Rani Kashyap, her journey from being a carefree, not-so-emotional girl to falling deeply in love and going through all the pain and finally becoming emotionally close to her husband, Rishu, I loved every bit of it.

I do like her as a person (no political inclination) and she as an actor, truly exceeded my expectations in this movie. Absolutely Lovely! I just felt that she can work more on the crying scenes, just a little more work and she’ll be perfect at it.


Only actors saved this film from being a complete disaster otherwise there’s no life in the film at all.