Lost Bullet Movie Review πŸ‘πŸ‘

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One Line Review: (( French Action – Hollywood Flab) = Awesomeness! )

Lost Bullet Movie Review
Action, Crime, Thriller
 Lost Bullet
(2020) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer Lost Bullet

Starring: Stefi Celma, Alban Lenior

Director: Guillaume Pierret

Release Date: 19 June 2020



My gosh! This movie is so much packed with stuff, it took me a while to digest all the goodness. Not kidding. So much action, so many plot twists, thrill, suspense, and yes, CARS! This movie should be named β€œFrench and Furious!”.

I’m giving it a high 8.5/10.

β€œThis tight French Netflix Thriller reminds us how deeply satisfying action can be when you strip it of Hollywood flab”

~ Elizabeth Vincentelli, The NY Times


Lino is a mechanic with a criminal background. He gets arrested on a murder charge which he didn’t commit. The only way to prove his innocence is to locate and present before the cops a car that has proof of his innocence; One bullet.

He escapes from the cell and runs away from the cops to hunt the lost car. With extreme car enthusiasm.

What’s to Like/DisLike?

Action ??

I’m gonna talk about the crazy action right off the bat. The moment the hand goes to the steering wheel, the chaos starts to spread. It wasn’t just a good action sequence but it was a well-placed action sequence.

There’s no random fight or special effect. Everything is just perfectly placed like a piece of a puzzle.

Writing ??

Not to mention, the writing is phenomenal. The writers knew their way around and they created a piece of art. The story has a sense of reality to it, like the scene inside of a police station and how people are treated there.

The climax is set to send chills down your spine.

Farewell Words

I’ve found a simple way to be happy. Whenever you see a car in the poster, click on the damn movie. It won’t disappoint you. Honestly, coming from the Fast and Furious series, I didn’t have many expectations from this movie. But boy was I surprised. The subtitle might hurt your eyes a bit but it is gonna be worth it.