Mirage Movie Review

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One Line Review: : Spanish are on to something; Great movies.

(2018) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer Mirage

Starring: Ariana Urgate, Alvaro Morte

Director: Oriol Paulo

Release Date: 30th Nov 2018



The Spanish industry is making so many great hits nowadays. Like, take a look at the Invisible Guest for a moment, How great the movie was! So great that Bollywood made a Hindi remake of it, Named Badla. What am I not surprised?

Plot Summary

Veera finds a camera in her new house’s basement. The camera has a recording of a boy who was recording his guitar performance 25 years ago but dies when he goes outside his house. The camera allows Veera to communicate with the boy and she tries to save her life only to disturb the timeline due to ripple effect and loses her family due to that.

How’s the storyline & plotline?

The starting is a bit slow. You have to get in the mood with the story. You’ll be in the wind once you are 20-25 minutes in. So you really have to be patient with the starting. The rest is your time, I promise.

Presenting a concept like this is not an easy thing to do. We can not even imagine the amount of hard work which goes through in the writing itself. Writing and connecting the different timelines and then make them meaningful and entertaining at the same time is very big an accomplishment. The direction should also be praised for the movie. You will not get confused with the movie, not for a single moment. The movie has tons and tons of timeline changes. In one moment you are in past and in another, you will be in the present story. But You’ll never get confused. Very good writing and direction.


The very important and standing out from the best thing in the movie is its suspense. Dear, you will be in deep thinking throughout the whole movie about the mystery. You will solve it in your mind, at least you will going to try to solve it within your head. And don’t even try to predict this movie, this stunt can not be done even by trained professionals, neither at their office nor at their home. Commendable writing and phenomenal presentation.


Back when I talked about space sweepers, I mentioned the bad hind dubbing. Well, this time dubbing was good, as if this was a Hindi movie in the first place. What else you want me today? Go see the freaking movie.

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