Space Sweepers Movie Review

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One Line Review: : A decent movie turned bad with excellent dubbing skills of ruining dialogues and meaning..

 Space Sweepers
(2021) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer Space Sweepers

Starring: Song Jung-Ki, Kim Tae-Re, Richard Armitage, Jin Seon-Kyu

Director: Jo Sung-Hee

Release Date: 5th Feb 2021



Hi again! Today I’m going to talk about a Korean space drama movie; space sweepers. It is Korean but, not surprisingly, is inspired and based on Hollywood creator’s all-time – and very much tedious for the audience concept of space adventure dramas. Let’s see what this movie is all about.

Plot Summary

Spaceship Victory’s crew is a space sweeping group, which makes their living collecting and cleaning space trash and debris. One day they find an android girl in the spaceship trash, they take her and try to find her parents, and take her to them. But some other group of pretty bad people is on to them to take her and use her for their own good.

How’s the storyline & plotline?

I hate to say that again, the story is quite similar to any other space adventure and future war movie out there. There’s nothing new in this movie to speak about.

But, the thing which is making the same old concept refreshing and, well, brand new to the audience is the presentation of the movie. The fight scenes are crazy good and eye-catching. Production quality is what makes this movie a success despite being based on an old rusty sci-fi space adventure plot. Background score- Good. VFX and animation- Good. They tried to squeeze out every bit of value in return for every penny they spent on the production.

What’s wrong with this movie though?

We’ve talked about the concept and reference of this movie; old Sci-fi. We have gone through the fact about the presentation of this movie being superb to make the same concept worth watching.

Now comes the painful part. The very first thing is character development. There are no freaking signs of any character arc development in the whole movie, which is a must for every movie if they want the audience to connect with the characters. The character should adapt and change according to the situation and along with the span of time in the movie. But they seem to be pretty plain in this movie throughout the whole run time.

Speaking of run time, the movie is very long. You’ll feel the same after a certain point. There’s a lot of fluff that could have been avoided to make it short and to the point. The suspense was also missing from the movie, I was able to predict the movie from moment to moment.


The last thing I want you to know about is the quality of Hindi dubbing. The dubbing is very poor. Very… very poor. The dubbing team has left so many dialogues unruined. I am Disappointed. If you are planning to watch this movie in Hindi, then a piece of advice for you; Don’t. Watch it in English or, if you can understand, Korean itself.

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