Nail Polish Movie Review

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One Line Rivew: Just an average remake of a remake.

Nail Polish Movie Review
Suspense, Court Room Drama
 Nail Polish
(2021) on IMDb

YouTube Trailer of Nail Polish

Starring: Arjun Rampal, Manish Kaul

Director: Bugs Bhargava

Release Date: 1 Jan 2020



Once Again, a remake of another old film. Once again, ending up with poor execution while trying to renovate the old plot.

Apparently, Nail Polish is a Remake of 2001 Ajay Devgan starrer Dewaangi, which, in turn, is a remake of Hollywood’s Primal Fear.

Anyways, Look what critics are saying about it:

“‘Nail Polish’ is a compelling thriller which can be watched for its story and most importantly the outstanding performances.”

~ Archika Khurana, Times of India.

Plot Summary

Veer Singh is an elite army officer, a hero, in short. He gets accused of murdering 38 migrant children to which he pleads not guilty but still gets convicted.

Sid Jaising, a high-profile defense lawyer, decides to fight for him to which he will get a ticket for upcoming legislative elections from a political party.

What’s to Like/DisLike?

Story/Plot ?

The flim is just decent. Just Decent. Nothing really very mind blowing about it. However, looking at the concept of the movie it should’ve been mind blowing but sadly it isn’t. I’ve a serious complain about story writing and execution; It’ dull and bad.

Performances ?

Keeping aside the story, execution, and all that stuff. The acting and performances are very good.

Let’s start with Manav Kaul’s performance right off the bat. He is sensational throughout the movie. His expressions speak for him. Especially the transformation part of his character.

The Prison Fight scene where a bunch of prisoners tries to make trouble for Manav and they end up fighting each other is very well put together and has a touch of realism to it.

But the climax is not very promising. It is pretty much predictable like an open-ended story. Not much Satisfying.

Farewell Words

There’s nothing particularly special about this movie for which I can tell you to watch it. So  I’m leaving it to you guys to make the judgment call, if you think that this is your sort of thing then go watch it, or if you think it’s not, then leave it. So simple.