Finding Ohana Movie Review

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One Line Review: : Family drama with spices of treasure hunting.

 Finding 'Ohana
(2021) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer Finding Ohana

Starring: Kelly Hu, Alex Aiono, Kea Peahu, Owen

Director: Jude Weng

Release Date: 29th January 2021



Do you like treasure hunting? As for me, I love it. Do you know the game “Uncharted 4”? I booked it in advance on the very first day of its booking opening and waited like a little baby for its release. That’s how much I love adventure and treasure hunting. Well, today’s film is all about treasure and adventure. Let’s dive into it.

Finding ‘Ohana,’ takes you on a tepid adventure trip, but it’s worth hopping on, if you want to learn a few Hawaiian words and get the traveller in you excited, once again. Mahalo!

~~Times of India

Plot Summary

Two Brooklyn raised siblings to turn their life upside down when they find a journal that helps them to lead towards their long-lost family and cultural heritage. On the way to this exciting adventure, they meet some new people and make new friends which makes some things easy for them but some things very difficult because of their varying nature and different opinions.

Let’s talk about performances

Starting with the characters first. Each character was totally opposite and different in nature from the other. While one was a ruthless big brother in nature other was kind-hearted. While one was talkative and outspoken another was very sensitive and silent.

The cast was so talented, they played their characters so well that they managed to draw a fine and clean-cut contrast between the characters. It’s like doing justice to each one of them. The characters were portrayed as they were meant to be. No poor or even average performances found. Such top-class acting.

How was the plotline/storyline and writing?

First thing first; Adventure stories are amazing. They need sophistication and research, that’s why they are phenomenal.

This movie’s plot was exactly the same; phenomenal. Very entertaining, very smooth transitions of story, good character arcs, the story put a good shine of cultural heritage and family value in a good detailed and emotional sense. Viewers are going to relate with them right off the bat.

You know the writers did their homework well when you find repeated and accurate Indiana Jones references in an adventures movie.


I know I might be sounding a bit biased but you’ll know why when you watch the movie. I urge you to open your Netflix account and hit the play button on Finding Ohana. Right now.

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