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One Line Review: Thor Love and Thunder is a big let down for Marvel Fans.

 Thor: Love and Thunder
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Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, etc.

Directed By: Taika Waititi

Release Date: July 07, 2022


Christian Bale is the only saving factor in Thor Love and Thunder, an otherwise terrible movie.

“‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ film review: A funny, yet forgettable addition”

~  New Indian Express

Our rating for Thor Love and Thunder is 06/10.


Gorr, an ardent follower of goddess Rapu loses faith in all Gods after finding that Rapu doesn’t value his followers at all and couldn’t save his child from drought. Wielding the Necrosword, Gorr pledges to kill all Gods starting with Rapu.

Thor, who is tired of going through all the loses in his life is trying to seek peace now at New Asgard. He had to confront Gorr who’s known as the God Butcher by now and is targeting Thor as his next kill meanwhile Jane Foster is fighting a fourth stage cancer. Only wielding Mjolnir will make Jane feel better, making her, The Mighty Thor.


With an actor like Christian Bale as an antagonist and Chris being the Thor, Marvel should have made something a bit more serious than a comedy. Thor Love And Thunder indeed falls to the genre of comedy. It is not bad for the movie to be hilarious, but not too hilarious that it starts to feel cringe!

One good thing is that, we got closure about why Jane and Thor broke up. Taika treated the movie just like Ragnarok and you can see similar elements in this movie, ranging from the treatment of characters, witty one-liner’s, bright colors and magnificent frames. But none of these made Love and Thunder an enjoyable experience.

If only the movie was treated with a serious note, perhaps Marvel could have made a spectacular comeback with Thor: Love and Thunder. It was hard not to frown when several Gods appeared in the movie, who were hailed as the mighty are shown in a cringe and mocking manner. The post credits scene too didn’t had much to offer and the one that hinted Thor’s return again didn’t made any kind of impact too. Marvel should seriously start considering the quality of projects they are making since the beginning of phase four.


A bearable watch where Thor along with his props do comedy throughout with less interesting action sequences.

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