Top 10 New Age Crime Drama Shows

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In the last post, I’ve counted down the top 10 criminal dramas of all time. But I realized it would be unfair to skip the modern series as, you know, they are frinkin’ amazing and people are crazy for them. If I miss these shows out, society will not accept me and they shouldn’t.

So today, I managed to take some time out of my busy schedule of mainly sleeping all day long to share with you lovely people my Top 10 picks for New Age Crime Drama Shows…


Netflix Original

This pretty honest and raw series shows the rise and fall of the greatest drug lords of 80’s and government’s fight with them to stop them from draining the youth into this vicious circle.

This show contains pretty brutal language and violence, kinda like real world.

The first two season is based on the real story of whom some people call the most violent criminal of all time, Pablo Escobar. These seasons show the rise and fall of his empire and his encounter.

And following seasons shows the struggle of another drug lord association called the kali cartel.


Netflix Original

One of the rapidly growing series of Netflix, Dark has taken over millions of hearts and is trending right now.

The very first German Series every created by Netflix, Dark, tells the story when two children goes missing in the small town of German. When four families go on to search those kids, some ugly truth gets exposed related to the same old town.

Dark has some supernatural elements and a mysterious puzzle connecting to the ugly history of the town.

Money Heist

Netflix Original

Talking about most loved Netflix series, here comes the money heist.

A theft mastermind known as a Professor has a plan to execute the biggest Heist ever done in the history of human kind.

He wants to print billions of euro in the Royal mint of Spain.

For that he assembles a team of specialist who can help him perform such disaster, he assembles a team of people who are as crazy as they can get, who have nothing to lose and could go to any height of insanity to get things done.

They all plans and goes to perform the biggest heist in the history.


Available on Netflix

Based on the film Fargo, this series is based on few Minnesota people who are on their way to solve murder mystery.

Lorne Malvo is an influential person who is on to solve a murder mystery. He meets Lester Nygaard who is an insurance salesman but is very uncomfortable living in his home with his wife. Lorne convinces Lester to help him with the mystery, he uses his wit and influential skills to persuade him.


Available on Netflix

This show is the modern adaptation of the British Classic Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes is a highly functioning human being beyond human level capability of reasoning, reading people, solving mysteries and even preventing national threats. But he does this in his own way which seems a little psychopathic to the outer world.

When a retired army officer Dr. Watson comes to London and shares his flat with Sherlock they start to investigates the various mysteries.


Available on Netflix

Punisher is a Marvel Comic Universe production.

Frank Castle who is known as the Punisher takes revenge from the ones who killed his family. After the revenge, he comes to discover the bigger picture of a conspiracy running around the city that is affecting the living of many people like him. He joins hands with Billy Russo and Micro to dig deeper into the conspiracy to find the truth.

Breaking Bad

Available on Netflix

After discovering that he has diagnosed with cancer, chemistry teacher, Walter white, turns into making meth of finest quality using his skills in chemistry to cover up his medical expenses.

To sell it, he joins hands with a boy named Jesse who knows who to sell the meth to the dealer.

Walter entered in this business for the little cause but ends up with creating a massive drug empire. Now he fights with the law and other drug lords to protect it.

This show is winner of 139 awards and is nominated for 229 times.

Better Call Saul

Available on Netflix

carrying on the same story line of breaking bad, Better Call Saul become an instant success after its release. The story is the prequel to the Breaking Bad.

Jimmy McGill was a conman who becomes a small-time lawyer struggling to keep up his legal practice. But when things get tough he changes his identity to Saul Goodman and becomes a morally corrupt lawyer who protects the bad people from getting screwed. Saul Goodman is the alter ego of Jimmy McGill, but as a devil’s attorney manner.

Narcos: Mexico

Netflix Original

Named similar to original Netflix creation Narcos, but story takes you to modern era Mexico.

This show is the story of CIA agent Kiki Camarena and Drug lord Felix Gallardo. It takes us back to the very roots of the Mexican drug trafficking business in Guadalajara when Felix unites the cartels to create a massive empire of drug trafficking where every drug lord can benefit.

On the other hand Agent Camarena gets posted in Guadalajara to take on Gallardo and gang. As he digs deeper into the investigation he gets more involved emotionally into this assignment.

White collar

Available on Disney Hotstar and Amazon Prime

Neal Caffery is a white-collar criminal who gets caught by an FBI specialist Peter.  Neal put a deal before the feds that he will assist them in catching other white-collar criminals with his expertise as an art thief and a conman in exchange for his own freedom.

Lethal Weapon

Available on Fox

Lethal weapon is a combination of comedy action and drama.

It is story of an ex-navy SEAL Martin Riggs who starts to work in Los Angeles as police officer in LAPD. Martin gets paired with Detective Roger Murtaugh to fight the violent and ruthless Drug lords of the city.

Here are some honorable mentions: Peaky Blinders, Perry Mason, Orange is the new black, Midhunters.