Top 10 Sports Movies to give you pumps of motivation

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Sometimes life feels so hard to cope with. It feels like everything we are trying to make right is going wrong. You feel so low that you start to question your efforts, whether or not things will work out well…

Well you’re not alone and that feeling is completely normal.

You don’t have to quit, all you need to do is to take a break from your hustle and give you mind time to heal. That’s why we’ve composed a list of sports movies which are based on real events and lives which will give your mind an extra pump in the process.

Why Sports movies?

The movies we bring today are based on the real lives of the sportsmen. They are based on real struggles and hustles. They are full of the joy of winning after a heart-wrenching struggle. Unlike fictional movies, they have a flavor of reality to them.

So here we go…

Cinderella Man

Possibly the best sports-motivation movie of all time!


Based on life of James J. Braddock.

During the time of great depression, James Braddock who was an ex-boxer is now working as day time laborer. He is struggling to keep his life together as he is poor and hardly manages to keep the lights on.

His former manager brings him an opportunity to get back to the boxing world as he asks him to beat a boxer who is rising pretty fast in the boxing world.

James beats him and makes a comeback to the boxing world though his wife was a bit frightened by his decision but James becomes a full-time boxer once again.


The most underrated motivational movie. Haven’t watched it yet? You are in for a treat!


Based on the life of Vince Papale, a Philadelphia Eagles football player.

A 30 years old man Vince is having pretty serious issues with his personal and professional life. He gets in shock after finding out that his wife has filed for divorce.

After losing his wife, Vince loses his teaching job also as he was unable to cope with his upset situation.

Out of blue, he goes for a football trial to check his luck and boy did he get lucky. He gets selected as a team member and sent for the training. After starting his professional career as a footballer he fulfills his wildest dreams.


For the fighter in you!

Based on the life of Rubin Carter.

Rubin Carter is a middleweight boxer who is sure to become an international sensation. His fans call him ‘the Hurricane’.

While returning back to his home with his friend he gets stop as three people were shot dead in a bar. He gets interrogated and taken to the police station for the crime he didn’t commit. Police set him free as there was no evidence against him.

But a man testifies to police that those three people were murdered by Rubin Carter. Police arrest him and take him to the court where he gets sentenced to prison.

While all this was tracked by one of his fans who convinces his parents to fight for him in the court and ends up succeeding and bringing back Rubin after 20 longs years in prison that too for nothing.

The Blind Side

Teaches an invaluable lesson: Protect what you care about most!

Based on life of Michael Oher.

Michael Oher is a homeless child who has no future of his own because of being totally helpless.

Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy are a married couple who decide to adopt Michael. Leigh decides to go one step further and tries to give everything to Michael to help him succeed and find his passion for life.

One day Michael shows his interest in football which also brings a ray of hope to Leigh. She arranges a coach for him and tells him to take special care of Michael. After a few weeks of training, Michael starts to show progress and he finally gets selected in the Baltimore Ravens team.


Ali: All about Grit and Determination!

Based on the life of legendary boxer Mohammed Ali.

This movie shows the three aspects of Mohammed Ali’s life. Professional, political, and Personal.

Ali before becoming “Ali” was just a struggling boxer named Cassius Clay. He gets dragged down in his career due to the inner politics of the game and he gets banned as the big guys don’t want him to play.

He converts to Islam due to his spiritual reasons which upset his friends and family. He somehow gets back to the boxing game as Ali. Due to his conversion, he gets in a lot of controversies as the media is trying to drag him down once again.

His friendship with the controversial leader Malcolm X starts to get spread in the country which makes him more troublesome.


A heartwarming story in cold times of racism!

Based on the life story of Jackie Robinson who is an African American man. He gets selected in National League baseball. Jackie is the kind of person who doesn’t tolerate racist comments and behavior.

But due to the first African American player in the national league team he and his family gets tons of racist comments on the field and off-field.

Jackie starts to manage to live with this racism but he finds it extremely difficult. Finally, he finds some allies and friends in the team after some spine breaking struggle.

Remember the Titans

Wanna go through walls? Be tough as nails!

Showing the real life struggles of Herman Boone.

When two high schools of Alexandria, Virginia get merged into one forming T.C high school, their football teams get integrated as well which causes a lot of tension between the player as players of both races got merged into one team.

The old coach of the team is replaced by an African American coach who gets a lot of backlash due to his race.

This tension continues to build when the team goes to Pennsylvania for training but when they come back they find the city went into turmoil due to racial riots.

They go to their first season and due to a variety of players and their skills, they prosper, which brings all of them closer to each other.


Sports a great uniter!

Based on life of rugby player Francois Pienaa and Nelson Mandela.

In order of unit the apartheid torn land, Nelson Mandela, in his first term as president of South Africa, joins hands with captain of South African rugby team Francois Pienaa.

They both work hard to win the Rugby World cup of 1995 to bring back the lost harmony of the country. The Whole rugby team was given a mission to win at any cost possible for which they get trained like hell.

Their hard work and determination pays when they land the victory.

Coach Carter

Success is a side effect of hard work!

Based on life of Ken Carter.

Basketball coach Ken Carter goes to his high school to train the players of its basketball team who are very unorganized and unskilled.

He decides to put restrictions and control their lifestyle in order to get them into better shape and possess better skills.

After months of hard work, they all finally get into winning positions but with one problem; their grades are getting worse every day. Their parents and teacher complain to the principal which puts a stop to the team practice.

But Ken sticks to it and promises to make sure that the kids also perform well in the class also.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Fight for what’s right!

Based on life of champion golfer Francis Ouimet and his idol Harry Vardon.

Harry Vardon is a great golfer with extraordinary skills in the game but gets stopped from playing championship matches as his class doesn’t match the people who play golf because of being poor. Harry decides to let go of his dream.

A couple of decades later, an American man Francis Ouimet, with kind of similar background as Harry and with unmatched skills in golfing decides to enter into golf championship but gets refused for the same reason. To which he decides to fight against.

With his constant and hard efforts, He wins the battle and plays the match with his idol Harry Vardon.

Final Words

Did you like the article? Yes, you said? Well here’s good news for you.  Soon we’ll also be sharing with you guys a list of movies (other than Sports) which are groundbreaking in terms of motivation and finding the purpose of life. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime show some love and share the list with your friends and colleagues!

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