Top Netflix Cartoon Series for Indian Kids

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Cartoon series has an amazing impact on a kid’s life. Kids watch these cartoons for fun and enjoy in their free time. It teaches them colors, shapes, vocabulary, life facts, and learn many more educational things very easily. Thanks to Netflix, which is a wonderful media for kid’s entertainment. Netflix is the application where you can find various cartoon series for Indian Kids.  

Netflix cartoon series take the kids to different worlds, times, and dimensions, where they laugh, do adventure, and have loads of fun!  The most exciting thing for parents is that they have to pay a very small monthly installment to provide their kids with such lovely entertainment and that is also without any advertisement.  And this is not enough, you can also use Netflix at any time in a day as per your kid’s convenience. So here in this article, we are going to mention some best cartoon series in Hindi that your kids can watch on Netflix for their entertainment and knowledge.

Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu: King of Kings is one of the popular animated shows among the children of India.

The plot is focused on the two best friends named Motu and Patlu who lived in the city named, Furfuri Nagar but in the current episodes, they both live in a modern city.

The main characters of Motu Patlu: King of Kings is Motu, Patlu, DR. Jhatka, Ghasitaram, Inspector Chingum, and the other characters are Chaiwala, John, Number 1, Number 2, and Boxer and so on. This show is the full package of entertainment. The professions of the characters that make this animated show more interesting.

Mighty little Bheem

Mighty Little Bheem is a comedy cartoon series, In which the character of little Bheem is in turn based on Bheem, a character in the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. He is brave, energetic with superhuman powers, who leads and guard his friends on exciting adventures.

Mighty little Bheem is one of the most popular Netflix cartoon series for Indian kids and it is a computer-animated kid’s television show. This is the Netflix first animated series from India and the fourth series of Chhota Bheem series and that is followed by the Mighty Raju, Arjun-prince of Bali, and the other one Super Bheem.

Created By: Rajiv Chilaka

Bal Ganesh

Bal Ganesh cartoon series is based on the mythological Hindu elephant God’s childhood. It is a wonderful devotional cartoon series, that The Indian kids and also their parents like the most. Through this medium parents let their children know about the Hindu culture and Lord Ganesha.

Little Singham

Who has not seen the Rohit Shetty’s movie Singham, This cartoon series is also a spin-off of Rohit Shetty’s action franchise. In Little Singham is an animated cartoon series on Netflix for Indian kids where a brave kid cop little Singham’s adventures make the kids excited as he defends his town from enemies and evil.

So parents, catch this little hero with his adventures for your kids only on Netflix.

Starring: Swapnil Kumari, Jigna Bhardwaj, Sonal Kaushal

Akbar Birbal

Akbar-Birbal is another popular cartoon characters in India. They are well-known folklore characters, teach great lessons to the Indian kids. In this animated cartoon series, a relation is shown between the emperor Akbar and his seventh jewel Birbal.  Akbar-Birbal Cartoon series is of the historical comedy genre. They capture the audience’s imagination with their question answers.

Starring: Samay Thakkar, Ganesh Divekar, Rajeshshree Sharma

Kicko and Super Speedo

This is another one of the popular cartoon series for Indian Kids on Netflix. It is also a high energy animated series that follows a fearless kid and his trusty race-car (special car). They try to save the people of the city from evils and scary vehicles. This special car of the superhero is fitted with innovative gadgets and helps to go on many adventures and save the world from villains.

Krishna  Balram

Krishna Balram is another mythological cartoon series on Netflix, especially for Indian Kids. In this cartoon series, the story of brothers Krishna and Balram is shown, who live in Vrindavan and play pranks to destroy demons. They are also known as Vrindavan ke rakshak.

Masha and the Bear 

Now you can watch on Netflix, one of the preferable animation cartoon shows by the watcher.  In this series lively little Masha lives near the forest and do wonderful adventures with her best friend Bear, who performs in a circus. But Masha and the Bear is a Russian animated show which is created by Oleg Kuzovkov and the co-producer of this animation TV series are Soyuzmultfilm and Animaccord Animation studio.

The characters in this show are a Russian girl name Masha, a bear, Masha’s pets, the wild animals, She-Bear, Dasha, Panda, The Black bear, Penguin, Father Frost, Four-eyed Aliens, Whiskers n’ stripes, and so on.