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One Line Review: Vikram is a tribute to Kamal Hassan by a fan-boy that sits top as a craft as well!

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Youtube Trailer Vikram

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahad Faasil, etc.

Directed By: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Release Date: June 3, 2022


Vikram is a textbook movie for how an action-packed multi-starer should be.

“Lokesh Kanagaraj’s enormous fanboy service to Kamal Haasan is extremely satisfying”

~  Times Of India

Our rating for Vikram is 9.5/10.


A couple of government officials are killed by a group of masked men. Amar, a man who heads an undercover gang helps the cops to find out about this masked gang that was creating havoc. Amar starts to investigate one of the victims of the masked gang, Karnan, and starts finding suspicious things surrounding the man who was a drunkard, mentally disturbed after his son’s death, and attached to his grandson who’s still a toddler.

Amar, while juggling from investigation and switching from a rug mafia head sandhanam, Karnan, etc, he slowly starts to understand a brilliant plan plotted by a man who wants to eradicate the drug mafia from the world for a better tomorrow.


We have watched Petta by Karthick Subbaraj starring Rajinikanth which was recognized as a fan-boy tribute to the superstar. Karthick portrayed Rajini in a messy way, as loved by his fans. Vikram is Lokesh’s Petta. a tribute to the legend Kamal Hassan.

The difference is, that Lokesh designed Vikram with utmost independence and it is evident throughout the movie. Being such a huge star, Kamal gave that liberty to Lokesh being a filmmaker and that was so impressive. The first half of the movie is dominated by splendid performances by Fahad and Vijay while Kamal is seen only in a few moments.

The movie is donned by an excellent screenplay, well-researched script, strong technical team, and brilliant cinematography, and all of these are backed up by a never-before-kind of BGM by Anirudh. If only I’ve to point out one small flaw, it’ll be VFX at certain shots.

One of the best things about Vikram is how Lokesh tried linking Kaithi to Vikram, creating a world of its own, and opening a hell lot of promising opportunities in the future.

As the movie starts and ends, there comes a pre-climax episode that is explosive. Look out for that!


An excellent action flick that opens the Loki Universe.

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