Attack Chapter 1 Review👍

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One Line Review: Attack is a good action thriller that could have been better.

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Cast: John Abraham, Rakul Preet, etc.

Directed By: Lakshya Raj Anand

Release Date: April 1, 2022


Attack has an impressive idea, a unique story line, and impressive action sequences. But is that enough?


~  Times Of India

Our rating for Attack is 06/10.


Arjun Shergil, an Indian soldier gets caught amidst a terrorist attack and submits to permanent paralysis. Doctor Saba generates a technology to let paralyzed people get back to their feet. Subramaniam, a high ranking official from Indian government uses Saba’s brains to develop a super soldier and uses Arjun as her first test subject.

Under Saba’s technology, Arjun slowly gets back into pace and starts to get used to the chip injected in him to make him more powerful and tactical. All of a sudden, Indian Parliament gets attacked by a group of terrorists and Arjun should risk everything to save the day.


Attack has a unique story line. The kind of sci-fi action thrillers we have seen only in Hollywood. For that, the makers deserves an appreciation.

When a technologically driven super-soldier gets injected to a desi story, luckily, Attack never falls off its track. But when it comes to execution, narration and depth of characters, Attack lacks a lot. Perhaps if these gaps were filled, it would have been a much more solid watch.


A decent action flick with a unique story line.

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