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One Line Review: 777 Charlie is a beautiful, emotional roller coaster that depicts how a pet can change a man’s life.

 777 Charlie
(2022) on IMDb

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Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Raj B Shetty, etc.

Directed By: Kiranraj K

Release Date: June 10, 2022


A beautiful tale about a relationship between a dog and a man.

An adorable canine star steals hearts in this Rakshit Shetty movie

~  Indian Express

Our rating for 777 Charlie is 08/10.


Dharma is a lonely man, who is not interested in mingling with others, leading a robotic life and is hated by all. A puppy comes to his life out of the blue and changes his life completely. Soon Charlie, the dog becomes an inevitable part of Dharma’s life and Dharma finds a meaning for his life.


Although the starting on 777 Charlie seemed pretty much like the the old American movie Beethoven, it soon switched to something beautiful and refreshing.

Rakshit as Dharma was very very good. We all know how Rakshit can steal the show as an actor in a movie. But in 777 Charlie, the dog that played the part of Charlie literally overshadowed the entire cast! We’re not talking about the dog being cute, but being awesome as an actor!

Making a movie with a dog, capturing its movements and then merging it with an actor’s expression is easy. But to make a dog act, to make it express as needed and sacrificing a good load of shots to capture everything as real and perfect made 777 Charlie a standout movie. The efforts stands tall and should be appreciated. I wish the dog grabs an award!

Coming to the movie, first half was just so entertaining and makes you giggle, smile, and what not. Charlie was the star. Second half appeared to be a bit messy, felt as if the makers wanted to fill-in the gap till the climax just for the movie’s sake, making it a bit boring and too predictable. But again, Charlie saved the part. Could have avoided a couple of songs at least to make it a bit more crisp.


777 Charlie is a beautiful story of Dharma and his canine friend Charlie, how a pet changes a man’s life and what a pet means!

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