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One Line Review: Big Brother is an Absolute Rubbish.

 Big Brother
(2020) on IMDb

Youtube Trailer Big Brother

Cast: Mohanlal,Arbaz Khan, etc.

Directed By: Siddique

Release Date: January 16, 2020


Big Brother is an utter wastage of an actor like Mohanlal and his skills as an actor by Siddique due to an illogical and stupid plot.

“A thriller that tests your patience”

~  Times Of India

Our rating for Big Brother is 01/10.


Sachi is released from prison after a double life imprisonment and is welcomed by his step-brother who hasn’t met him yet. While Sachi plans to lead the rest of his life peacefully with his family, he was forced to take tough decisions due to his accidental encounter with a drug lord named Edwin Moses.


There is nothing to review about Big Brother. It is that bad. For the first time I learnt that I can fall asleep even during a fan show that too a movie of a star like Mohanlal.

Just one example to show how dumb this movie is:

Due to his long-term imprisonment in the dark, Sachi gets the “superpower” of night vision. We can see Mohanlal fight off goons in the dark with his glowing green eyes. If only Marvel Cinematic Universe got to know bout this, we might as well be able to see Mohanlal in the upcoming installment of the X-Men series.


Just avoid watching this movie. That’s it.

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