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One Line Review: Jo and Jo is a perfect family entertainer.

 Jo and Jo
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Cast: Mathew, Nikhila Vimal, etc.

Directed By: Arun D Jose

Release Date: May 13, 2022


Jo and Jo is a movie that revolves around two siblings, Jomol and Jomon.

“Laid-back, stress-busting entertainment.”

~  New Indian Express

Our rating for Jo and Jo is 09/10.


Jomon and Jomol are siblings from a middle class family, Jomon being the younger one. Both brother and sister keep pissing each other off, just like a cat and a dog. Jomon finds a love letter left by someone anonymous at their gate and suspects that Jomol is in a relationship. Jomon and his friends and hell-bent on finding this hidden lover of Jomol.

At the same time, Jomol finds the same letter and suspects that Jomon is in a relationship. Things get crazier when both of them try different tactics to find out the truth.


Jo and Jo is a story that literally any sibling can relate to, especially of both belonged to different genders. Arun as a filmmaker succeeded in exploring this forever rivalry bound with love in almost all houses with a brother and a sister.

As the story is totally relatable, it didn’t take much time for the family audience to take over Jo and Jo to success. While Jomon and his friends, ie, Mathew, Neslen and Melvin made people fall off their seats with their silly tantrums, Jomol and Jomon gifted some lighthearted, relatable moments for the audience to enjoy.

A well executed movie that also meets the maker’s intention is an easy success anyway!


Watch it if you want a relaxed, fun-filled entertainment.