Bloodshot Movie Review πŸ‘Ž

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One Line Review: It was like watching a One and half-hour long trailer.

Action, Sci-fi
(2020) on IMDb

YouTube Trailer Bloodhsot

Starring: Vin Deisel, Talulah Riley

Director: David S. Wilson

Release Date: 13 March 2020

What’s it About?

A dead but resurrected soldier with superhuman abilities goes absolutely crazy to take revenge on his enemies.

Bloodshot is starred and produced by Vin Deisel himself. There’s a lot happening in the scenes like Costly VFX, Sound Designs, etc. It turns out that he wanted this film to happen so badly that he forgot about what goes into films. It has everything but a story and a climax. Heck!

A film produced and starred by Vin Deisel and the very first Valiant Comic based movie.



There’s a soldier (Gary) who got killed in a war, but he has been genetically saved by the scientist due to his immense power, skills, and ability.

Meanwhile, when he was kept alive in high tech machines, scientists gave him the power to heal his wounds within seconds.

But they manipulate his memory and add moments in his brain which never happened just to use him to kill people who were a threat to them.

Later Gary finds out that he has been used to kill innocent people, he escapes from his shelter and plans revenge on them.

What’s to DisLike?

Weak StoryLine πŸ‘Ž

This film is based on the famous comic Bloodshot, but there’s a lack of depth in the plot and there’s definitely less emphasis given to the actual story. All the production cost was spent on creating VFX and special effects, but the sad part is there are no new VFX scenes in the movie other than you’ll see in the trailer. Not even one.

Too much of Vin Diesel (there’s such a thing)

At the beginning of the film, there’s a feeling that Bloodshot is the superhero we all were waiting for but unfortunately bad character arc destroys that feeling completely. The whole camera footage was given to Vin Deisel in the whole film and if there was anything left, Talulah took it.

Final Verdict

If you don’t care about value for your money and all you want to see is Vin Deisel and his manly look, then this is a go-to movie for you.

And, if that’s not the case then, don’t go for it. I too had very high hopes but… anyways. Shit happens!