Holly Slept Over Movie Review πŸ‘

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One Line Review: Holly Slept Over is hard to resist comedy-drama movie with a midas touch of teenage drama

Comedy, Drama
 Holly Slept Over
(2020) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer Holly Slept Over

Starring: Nathalie Emmanuel, Britt Lower, Errin Hayes

Director: Joshua Friedlander

Release Date: 6 March 2020


What’s it About?

Holly Slept Over is about an American couple and Holly! It has a fantasy in its storyline which almost all men have; Threesome!

Based on its plot, characters, and punchlines, I’m giving it 6.5/10.


Audra and her husband, Noel, are living their American dream. They’ve been married for quite a long and have done almost everything one can do in bed and have lost their mutual spark of sexual energy until one day when Audra mentions her friend Holly with whom she fooled around in her college days.

And to make things more awkward for Noel, Holly pays a sudden visit to Audra. Noel couldn’t help himself thinking about Holly and having a chance to sleep with both his wife and her. To make things more complicated and hilarious Noel’s friends give him bizarre advice to make things happen for him.

What’s to Like/DisLike?

Story πŸ‘

The most thankful and greatest thing about this movie is its simple and very easy to grasp story. From top to bottom, you’ll get stuck with the story. There is absolutely no confusion what so ever. Maybe because the writers made the story so much relatable to the audience that it started clicking immediately from the beginning.

Performances πŸ‘

I sure want to talk about the chemistry between all the stars. At first, nobody thought that this combination will work but do hell with the expectation, it rocked!

I couldn’t help myself gazing at the gorgeous performance of Nathalie and her hair (she has amazing hair). It must’ve been an adventure for her to perform in a totally different genre as compared to her first shot (Game of Thrones).

Final Verdict

Okay Fellas, here’s my not-so-expert-but-still-killing-it opinion about this movie. Well, we all watch dark and deep things, things which keep us wondering and full of suspense.

I need you to stop binging on that thing, call your partner over (if you have one), grab some snacks, and watch this movie. It’ll be an experience for you, trust me. All the intimate scenes, dialogues, and sexual tension between characters will rush adrenaline in your blood.