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One Line Review: Doctor Movie is a perfect entertainer where SK tries something out of the box for himself for the first time.

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Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Mohan, Vinay Rai, etc

Director: Nelson Dileepkumar

Release Date: 09th October 2021

Introduction of Doctor Movie

Nelson should be considered as one of the masters of dark comedy after doctor.

An enjoyable comedy-caper that has Shivakarthikeyan playing down his strengths.

~The Hindu

Our review for Doctor Movie is 9.5/10.


Varun is a military doctor and an introvert by nature. He’s silent yet clever, mysterious in a way. Varun meets Padmini as his family tries to fix his alliance with her. But Padmini rejects the proposal after seeing Varun’s nature. Meanwhile, a girl child from Padmini’s family is kidnapped and Varun joins them in looking for her. The plot continues as Varun tries his brains (and muscles too) on the mission to bust a kidnapping group.


Doctor was a complete surprise package. Shivakartikeyan’s biggest strength is his comedy timings, witty dialogues, and charm as a performer. As a doctor, he didn’t do any of these. For the first time, the actor didn’t do anything he is known and loved for but played a mysterious character with very few dialogues.

Still, Nelson managed to make people laugh like anything throughout the movie with his brilliant writing. Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, Shiva Arvind, etc made sure to keep the laughter riot going till the end of the movie with their terrific performances.

To inject humor into a serious situation and to succeed in it is a risky thing and Nelson did it with perfection. From the start till the end Doctor was strong being a complete entertainer.

The biggest backbone of the movie though will be Anirudh. His composition and the terrific BGM at the right places elevated the movie to a whole new level. Varun was pretty convincing as a villain and Priyanka was cute and beautiful being the lady love of Varun.


Doctor Movie is a highly recommended stress buster with amazing performances and music.

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