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One Line Review: Sivakarthikeyan is back with another complete entertainer, Don.

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Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, S. J. Suriyah, etc.

Directed By: Cibi Chakaravarthi

Release Date: May 12, 2022


Don is a complete package by Cibi Chakaravarthy with the only man as the lead who can pull it off with grace.

“Sivakarthikeyan’s campus tale is a formulaic but entertaining drama”

~  Times Of India

Our rating for Don is 08/10.


Chakaravarthi, a youngster who is uncertain about his passion is hell-bent on knowing where his interest lies and thereby to find the path that he should choose in his life to become a well-renowned person.

Due to a strict father who never get satisfied with anything he does, Chakaravarthi starts hating him and also is scared of him. Chakaravarthi joins and engineering college where a man named Boominathan is the disciplinary head who is very strict to students. With his cunning plans Don manages to send Boomi away and becomes the hero.

Boomi returns after a while and a cat-and-mouse game starts between them. Later in the story, Chakarwavarthy slowly realizes his potentials, chooses a way to pave a future along while confronting his father and Boomi.


Don is the kind of movie only an actor like Siva can pull off with utmost ease. The movie actually is intended to share a couple of emotional angles and hence Cibi cleverly made the first half a complete fun ride for the audience and then slowly step into the plot later.

First half of Don is a complete fun ride and well, Siva always excels when it comes to hilarious punches. The second half of the movie later digs deep into the story. Unfortunately, I felt that Cibi tried to tell a lot of things by the end of the movie and it all became a mess. Also, one of the main message Cibi was trying to say via his movie was unfortunately contradicting to what the rest of the movie shown.

Otherwise the slight lack of clarity by the end of the movie, Don is still a very good watch where Siva aces throughout as an actor and an entertainer.


A decent entertainer.

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