Teddy Movie Review

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One Line Review: : Teddy is a refreshing fantasy entertainer and will be loved by the kids especially.

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Starring: Arya, Sayyeshaa, Sakshi Agarwal, Satish

Director: Shakti Soundar Rajan

Release Date: 12th March 2021

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What is it about??

Teddy is a fantasy action thriller directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan with Arya and Teddy Bear in lead roles. The interesting part of the movie is the Teddy Bear and hence the movie caught a lot of attention for the same right from its attention. A movie with such a fantasy plot is hard to pull off successfully but Teddy isn’t that a bad watch.

β€œThis Arya-Sayyeshaa Starrer Is Worth A Watch!”

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Our review for Teddy is 07/10.


Shiva is a super-intelligent but lonely man with a photographic memory. He prefers to stay alone and to spend time with himself the most as he doesn’t believe in being in a relationship. Sridivya is a college student who gets involved in a medical scam and is forcefully induced to the coma stage. She experiences OBE/OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) and gets herself transferred to a Giant Teddy Bear doll while her body is physically working.

Teddy meets Shiva and both sets off on a journey to unveil what happened with Sri’s body and to bring her back to normal life.


To see a Teddy Bear walk, Talk and do human things on-screen alongside humans will be a pretty much interesting watch for kids. Teddy makes sure to do exactly that till the end. The VFX team deserves a pat on their back to make all of this look convincing, especially to bring a Teddy Bear doll to life in a believable way onscreen.

Arya has delivered an outstanding performance as a scholar with OCD and his scenes with the Teddy Bear is something refreshing to watch. Sayyessha too is good on screen. Sakshi Agarwal as a psychiatrist in an extended cameo role looked pleasing onscreen. Satish did a good part in the movie by injecting decent light moments in the movie.

The storyline, although looks not so messy, could have been executed in a more focused way. Apart from that, the movie delivers the audience what it promises.


If you want to see a giant Teddy Bear do all the cute talking, walking, singing, and more alongside a tough-looking man trying to solve a mystery, GO FOR IT.