Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 3 Review๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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One Line Review: Guardians of The Galaxy gets the best sendoff!

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Cast: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Will Poulter, Batista, etc.

Release Date: May 05, 2023

Director: James Gunn


MCU bids a befitting bye to the Guardians saga. James Gunn makes it a perfect trilogy.

“A big-hearted emotional rollercoaster”

~  The Guardian

Our rating for Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 3 is 10/10.


The guardians are slowly building up their empire in Knowhere, rejoicing and staying in peace with each other. Nebula gels into them too. Peter suffers from heartbreak due to Gamora’s death. While everything seems peaceful, Adam Warlock makes a surprise entry to Knowhere and attempts to abduct Rocket. Though the guardians manage to get rid of him, Rocket is badly injured.

The guardians learn that Rocket can’t be rescued unless they find a passcode to bypass his system. During the quest to save Rocket, they start to learn about his past and the tortures he endured due to a maniac named High Evolutionary.


The Guardians can’t get a better sendoff than this. Since part one, James knew what he was up to. He knew the characters so well that he owned everything as a maker. In the previous two parts, the movie was all about how the guardians are formed, their characters and their relationship with each other discussed on a surface level while the major part of Storytelling was to discuss about underlying conflicts. Here in this part, he explores more into the emotional side of the characters and their attachments.

Rocket is the hero. The writing peaked when the movie switched to the past of Rocket. The dialogues were very well written to make a connection with the audience. There is a dialogue in the movie that says, ‘It had been your story all along, you didn’t know it yet.’ It was true. While Rocket helmed the major portions of the movie, the rest kept the plot engaging.

Chukwudi Iwuji, who did the character of High Evolutionary did an amazing job. It felt like, after Thanos, MCU was lacking the presence of strong villains. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol: 3 can be taken as a movie that brought back the glory of good, strong antagonists. High Evolutionary’s acts, attitude, and his ideas to create perfection out of imperfections are all on point. An antagonist without a strong motive is a failure. Chukwudi was meant to be High Evolutionary and his performance really took the entire character to another level. Thanos and High Evolutionary succeeded big time because they had a motive and a reason to back their ideas. It is yet to be seen how Kang will make such a strong impact as he is the next big thing in MCU.

As usual, the third instalment of GOTG too had a large number of soundtracks used. Vintage music along with great action and emotional scenes blend together to define this movie. A couple of scenes that hint few of the old iconic scenes and characters will make the fans happy. James made sure to give closure to all the characters by the climax and it was a great decision. Action sequences were brilliantly choreographed and a perfect CGI work was a whiff of fresh air from MCU. As most of Marvel’s recent production didn’t deliver satisfying VFX works, GOTG3 peaked in that case. In short, Volume 3 was James Gunn’s way of giving a befitting farewell to the heroes.


Don’t miss this epic emotional saga on big screens! James Gun delivers yet another perfect movie about the Guardians of the galaxy.