The Rhythm Section Movie Review πŸ‘

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One Line Review: You’ll have thrills and chills going down your gut while following along the story.

 The Rhythm Section
(2020) on IMDb

Starring: Blake Lively

Director: Reed Morano

Release Date: January 2020


What’s it About?

Blake Lively plays the role of a hurt woman who will kill all the people who killed her family. She came all the way from The Gossip Girl to this movie. It is quite a treat to watch her do justice with her role as a strong and merciless woman.

My rating for this movie is 7/10.

β€œBlake Lively plays a woman who loses her family and finds a new beat.”

~ Blake Kenny, NYT


Stephanie was traveling on a plane with her family when the plane crashes. She loses her family in that crash and has nothing to do with her life now.

One day she finds out that the accident in which she lost her family wasn’t actually a crash but was carefully planned by a group of terrorists. She finds a beat in her life and her only goal is to find every single person in that group and have him killed by her own hands. She goes from a soft and kind housewife to a female James Bond in no time.

What’s to Like/Dislike?

Performance ?

Sure as hell Blake’s performance is litt in this movie and that’s the thing that saved this movie from being a disaster. As you can already tell, all the reviews are about Blake’s performance, no one is talking about the movie. Because there are tons of things that could have been done correctly including the climax and character arc of Stephanie.

Direction ?

Despite all the errors, this movie managed to resemble the soul characteristics of its source The Rythem Section (Book) by Mark Burnell.

You’ll have thrills and chills going down your gut while following along the story. You’ll feel the pain of the character, you’ll feel the anger, that’s how good the acting and direction is.

Farewell Words

Fans of The Gossip Girl are super happy to see Blake doing such a manly and bold role in The Rythem Section and as I also said, it is quite a treat to the eyes to watch her doing justice to this role.

Look, I can’t speak for all those people, but I can say I’m no expert to point out minor defaults in a movie. Don’t take my words or their words, Go watch – check this piece out and find out which side you’re on.

Movies are work of fiction and entertainment, there will be some things which will go over the top from reality. Just enjoy the experience, don’t look for realism. I mean, people watch Marvel movies, is there any realism in them? (Yep, I said it).