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One Line Review: Kaaval is a decent watch that marks the return of the vintage Suresh Gopi.

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Youtube Trailer Kaaval

Cast: Suresh Gopi, Renji Panicker, etc.

Directed By: Nithin Renjipanicker

Release Date: November 25, 2021



After a long gap, Kaaval was a comeback movie for Suresh Gopi which was executed in a decent manner.

“Vintage Suresh Gopi makes a delightful comeback.”

~  Onmanorma.com

Our review for Kaaval is 07/10.


Thamban and Anthony are friends who ran a sawmill and did illegal crimes. As a repercussion of their acts, Anthony loses his leg and Thamban had to stay away from Anthony due to Anthony’s wife’s request.

Years later, Anthony is old and is in debt. His daughter Rachel is engaged and his son Alex is a student. Anthony’s wife is no more. The family is constantly tortured by the cops or George, the man who lent money to Anthony. Anthony dies in an accident and Alex seeks Thamban’s help for protection. The rest of the story is about how Thamban becomes the savior of the family.


Even though the plot of Kaaval is like old wine in a new bottle, it’s Suresh Gopi’s screen presence that holds things together from falling apart. It was a delight to watch the actor play badass onscreen, again with a lot of emotional moments as well.

Renji Panicker was convincing as Anthony and a helpless father. Evan Anil and Rachel did a very good job as Alex and Rachel. Ranjin Raj’s music was a very big factor to bring out the emotions as well as power-packed sequences throughout the movie.


Watch it for Suresh Gopi.

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